Cydia - Cool Aplications


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I've have had my iPod Touch jailbroken for a few days now with the iPhone 3.0 software update installed. I've discovered cool applications on Cydia.

#1: NES 3 - NES 3 is a complete rewrite of the NES emulator application for the iPhone and iPod touch optimised for iPhone OS 3.0.

Rating 10/10

#2: AppFlow - You can easily browser throw all of your applications from the iTunes application store or from Cydia and Icy.

Rating 6/10

#3: iReboot - You can reboot your iPhone and iPod Touch without pressing the power off buttom.

Rating 8/10

#4: MacMan - MacMan is based off the classic MacMan game, but was designed from the grown up for the iPhone.

Rating 7/10

#5: MxTube- You can directly download YouTube videos to your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can chose to download them in Low or High quality. MxTube is good when your in a car and have no wireless internet connection.

Rating 10/10
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Re: Cydia - Best Apps

Cool you must add some more screen shots that MacMan looks great