Custom Themes on Windows 10


Note: Updates and patches to Windows 10 may change things, this guide assumes your on the anniversary update.

I love custom themes, and I'm going to show you how to it on Windows 10.

Patch the system and other software
On Windows 10 the patching process is a lot more complicated, so I recommend using UXStyle. You won't need to restart your computer with it. (Works on Anniversary update despite the website not saying it does)

You might think you can apply themes right now but sadly with the way Windows 10 works the taskbar will not be themed.

What you'll need to do is use Classic Shell to change the colour of your taskbar to match the theme.

You can also use classic shell to change the start menu too so you can use it to match your theme if you wish.

Applying the theme
Once you have the above software you can then add themes as you normally would. Placing them into the windows/resources/themes folder.

Side note: Make sure the theme you are using works on the Annversary update otherwise the theme won't work properly If you want themes that will work on the Anniversary update then Neiio has some good themes on deviant art.

It seems there's a new way to change the icons system wide automatically through the use of "iPacks". These are EXE's that can automatically change your system icons without needing 3rd party software.

I am currently using the Numix Icon Project by Neiio from Deviant Art.

Sorry for lack of screenshots but I didn't have time to make them.
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Just mucked about with this! I though custom themes were dead. Works really well.