Childhood Gaming - Your Favourite Games

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Okay so is pretty simple. Choose two games that you played during your childhood in the following format and we'll see who has what in common

Favourite Game: Rachet and Clank (Franchise - I can't decide between the games that were released on PS2)
Console: PS2

Most Hours Played (Est.): Star Wars Battlefront 2
Est. Number of hours: 800-1000
Console: PS2 (Although recently I bought it for PC and I've been playing it alot
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Oh boy, there's so many it's hard to choose from.

Sonic The Hedgehog on the Sega Master System is probably worthy of a mention, it was my first video game (which I played over a neighbour's) at the tender age of 3 or 4 I believe.
But then there's Mario on the GameBoy, Streets of Rage on the Mega Drive (Genesis for Americans), Golden Axe on the (I think) Master System, Prince of Persia on the master System, Micro Machines on the Mega Drive, Road Rash on the Mega Drive (or maybe Master System, cannot remember), etc.

There's far too many awesome games from my childhood to choose from, not to mention more recent games (Dishonored, GTA V, SpeedRunners, Skyrim, etc).
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Probably for me, it's got to be either Descent 1, The Settlers 2 or Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines (all old PC games, but Descent was also on some consoles like PS1), Descent 1, Settlers 2 and (I think) Commandos can be bought off GoG (As of writing, Descent is on sale (as Descent 1+2)). Descent 1 and Commandos are also on Steam.
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Oh maaaan, just thinking about it brings back a lot of memories but sticking to your little format I think I have to go for;

Favourite Game: Conker's Bad Fur Day
Console: Nintendo 64
I loved this game so much, the potty humour really clicked with my immature self at the time (and still does now if I'm completely honest..). I played a lot of games as a kid but this one has the fondest memories of myself and school friends all sat around the TV rolling around on the floor in hysterics at the giant singing poo and other bosses or playing the many multiplayer mini games they had on there (that they neglected to include on the Xbox re-release, I was fuming!) into the early hours during sleep overs.

Most Hours Played: Either Pokemon Blue or Harvest Moon
Console: Gameboy
I spent so many hours on both these games as a kid, I loved them both! Combined they probably ate most of my childhood... Time well spent!