Bye Bye MBTV


Yes, MBTV Has Gone :pensive:

I Am A bit sad about it but as Duncan said its a waste of money and he has duncsweb now

Here is the message on the MBTV home page

Goodbye :-(

Thanks to everyone who has participated with the Video Sharing Website, it was great fun, but time-consuming, costly and had no real business model. If you'd like to see some videos by the YouTube community, or send your own, you can check out the YouTube Page.

I humbly apologise for any inconvenience to those who registered, and may be back soon with a new concept.

Thanks again.


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2,272 was not a waste of money, its just that I can not afford to keep the site running when its not making any money, and there is no viable way for it to. The fact that it relied so much on YouTube pretty much rendered it useless, as allowing people to upload videos through the site caused server overload.

Not only that, the statistics showed regardless of the amount of videos posted, the amount of visitors steadily declined.

Also with my concentrations on DuncsWeb, mobilephone2003, megabytetv, the chat, mob3 and life itself, putting my efforts in something that brings no return is pointless.


Yeah, I was sad aswell, but hey, the youtube channel is still up, and the forum had a problem that even nobody noticed (I just noticed a little bit ago), but yeah, it's sad to see MBTv go, hopefully it will come back in the future.


Oh well I do have to agree with Duncan though it would be better if the Community was better but oh well we always have good old Mob3 here. I hope that Mob3 never goes down considering the amount of posts I have done it would make me very sad :pensive: Also I hope that DuncsWeb never dies either because thats just a clear Achievement.

R.I.P Mega-ByteTV


Well, to be honest, i din not really use MBTV since there was a YouTube channel even tough there was more videos on it. There is no point in having a website if you feel like the only thing it does is consume time. But hey, there's always hope for something else in some point in the future. Cheers!