Bethesda 1 Day Policy - Do You Buy Based On Reviews?


Bethesda has recently announced it's continuation of a policy of giving game journalists review codes 1 day before release.

As quoted from their Official Announcement:

"While we will continue to work with media, streamers, and YouTubers to support their coverage – both before and after release – we want everyone, including those in the media, to experience our games at the same time"

Of course, giving out codes is not something Bethesda has to do, but is this something that will go against them in the long run?

If the game itself takes at least a day to play, there will be a significant lack of information on a game. On the flip side, outdated reviews may contain things broken before full release, which may act as a deterrent against getting a game that would be patched on release.

Which stance are you on?
Should review copies be given out way before a game is released so the public has a full look at the game they want before laying down the dollar?
Or should the experience of a new game be shared without full prior information so that everyone is on a level playing field?


Personally I'll look not only at reviews before buying or preordering a game but I'll look at any footage that has already been showed. I recently preordered Civ 6 after watching plenty of gameplay footage beforehand. I managed to skip the No Man's Sky hype train by simply just thinking to myself "How is everyone hyped for this game when literally NOTHING has been showed?" But I do completely agree that review copies should be released to the press before full release to help prevent games from basically outright lying to their customers and still making a ridiculous amount of money, for example, No Man's Sky.


I've given up reading reviews from big websites. While the big sites have brought this on themselves (see info on gamergate for what I'm talking about). So its good that the big sites are getting no review copies but on the otherhand the consumer looses out on infomation before buying a game.

I said "Big sites" because that's who this policy will affect. YouTubers, bloggers etc seem to be an excpetion as people had access to Skyrim Special Edition for a couple of weeks before launch. I go to YouTuber's for reviews and gameplay these days as they seem to do a better job than most professional game reviwers.