Android Suggestions (S5)

So I've been an iOS user for the last couple years and still use an iPhone 5S as my main device. However had bought an S4 couple months back & didn't use it much. Saw an opportunity to pick up an S5 on sale as people are looking to upgrade to the S6 at launch.

That all said I'm looking to give Android another run & test it as my daily driver for a bit. So I'm seeking suggestions from Android users what apps, tweaks, rooting anything you'd recommend trying out.
Anything from Launchers to Android based apps that are worth checking out feel free to submit them.



--Non-Root Apps--

  • Launcher: Nova Launcher (there is also a paid version)
  • Keyboard: Swiftkey (Free with paid themes, but vanilla has a few good themes)
  • Music Player: Poweramp (Has free trial, but is essentially paid, but has loads of free community made themes on marketplace.
  • Browser: Firefox or Chrome (some Android phones come with chrome as default browser, others don't).
  • IRC (if you use IRC): AndroIRC or Andchat (haven't tried Andchat but I hear good things about it).
  • XDA Forum app (Free or paid (paid has more features)) - app for a great Android community forum.

--Root ONLY Apps--

  • Titanium Backup (free and paid (paid has more features)) - Great app backup/general utility.
  • Rooting should give you SuperSU, if it doesn't you'll need that (not sure if there is a paid version, but I think it's free)
  • RCB (Root Call Blocker) - Free, can block unwanted phone numbers. However, some newer Android phones have this functionality inbuilt, but often if you root them and flash a custom ROM, the functionality goes away so you'll need to use something like this.
  • You'll need some modified file explorer that can see inside Root directories if you plan on doing stuff in the root directories etc. I use 'FX' File Explorer (free with ads, not sure if paid version) 'FX' File Explorer also has a free add-on that lets you see root directories (main app is just a general file browser).


Absolutely root your phone, in laymans terms it's the same as jailbreaking and opens up some really good stuff

I'd recommend:

  • Nova Launcher: Set animation speeds to "Faster than light" or the one above that
  • Swiftkey: The defacto keyboard app
  • Llama: absolutely useful for location based anything, e.g: my phone is usually in fast charge mode, but when I get in my car it will detect the wifi networks around me, know I'm in my car, and switch to Mass Storage mode so I can listen to the music on my phone in the car
  • Greenify: Stops running apps similar to how iOS does (freezes them completely), so that they don't consume resources in the background even if set to, therefore saving battery life. Does cause problems with notifications though as it turns them off too.
  • DashClock: Couldn't live without this widget. Use with DashNotifier to get any notifications on your home screen.
  • Titanium Backup: Useful if like me you like to try out different ROMS, you can restore apps and the data within them without having to install them over again, the files stay when you install a new ROM
  • Lucky Patcher: Reluctant to talk about this one as it has in-app purchase emulation and can remove ads through code on apps and therefore could be considered linked to piracy, but it's useful to play with apps and tweak their functionality. Be careful where you get this from.


GLTools: Simply put, you can tweak some settings for an application / game so it may run faster with a little bit of optimisation. Think of it as the missing link between customising settings on a PC Game. Mainly for weaker devices but, if you can get some extra juice.. why not?

Amazon Appstore: Free app of the day plus a variety of random offers. You can get some decent applications for free like Plex, Office Suite Proffesional etc.

MXPlayer: Pretty much the go to app for watching videos from an android device, much superior compared to VLC etc (There may be others out there but I haven't found anything as friendly and easy that supports all its features)
Thanks all for the recommendations! Going to start testing everything out today. Really appreciate everyones input thus far.