Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon has updated their cloud storage service to support two new options.

Unlimited Photo Plan:
Unlimited amount of storage for storing photos & 5GB of space for video files.

Price: $12 yearly

Unlimited Everything:
Their other plan offering completely unlimited storage for any type of files.

Price: $60 yearly

Each plan has 3-month free trial periods & if your an Amazon Prime member you automatically get the unlimited photo plan.

They're offering some of the cheapest plans out there in the cloud storage space while being unlimited. However Amazon's software isn't the best but they do offer cross platform support so if your looking for a cheap solution then may be worth trying out.

More information can be found here


Looks like those prices are before tax.

Unlimited Cloud Storage sounds good as an alternative to a hardware option.

My dropbox is getting fuller by the day, unlimited storage sounds good, but with it being subscription based, if a payment gets missed you've lost access to all data.


Unlimited storage? How far could we push this before we hit the fair use policy. For the price however, it seems very reasonable. Being Amazon I would expect it to be pretty nippy, but I am not familiar with their software and how good that is.