£5k/$6k Electrical Store TV Blunder: CCTV Footage


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A man has been filmed in an electrical store late September in St Austell, Cornwall UK, checking out some high-value televisions, including "a curved Samsung OLED and two Panasonics":

Unfortunately, a TV takes a tumble, taking out the one behind it, where the man moves back, and takes out the two televisions behind him. The Description of the video states that the damage was made to over £5000 (~$6100) worth of equipment.

While comments have been disabled for this particular video, some commenters on related videos & sites have suggested that the situation was staged, or that the customer intentionally damaged the TVs. It doesn't appear obvious what happens when the gentleman kneels up to the TV, perhaps checking the weight or testing the strength of the stand?

After less than a day of it being uploaded to YouTube, the video has featured on several news outlets and has garnered over 150,000 views as of this posting.

According to the store, the damage is currently being assessed and the sets have been sent off to repair.

Maybe this should be sent to "You've been framed" in an attempt to claw back £250!

Are the TV's placed in a poor decision to begin with, effectively asking for something like this to happen?
Do you think the customer should pay for the damages?
Do you think this was accidental, malicious or staged?
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Honestly in my opinion it seems like it was really poor placement from the shop, expensive TVs should be placed against walls if not attached to the wall if you want to avoid this kind of thing.


Agreed there with Sonark.

My local currys has them back to back like that i recon they have some sort of public liability insurance for that?