1. Duncan

    🌍 Daily Driver Chrome Extensions

    According to Statcounter for February 2018, Google chrome is used by 67.49% of people with a desktop on the web, which presumably includes those running ChromeOS. One of the great features of Chrome is the use of extensions, which turns the browser into a platform for code to improve the way we...
  2. Duncan

    ☠️ How To Resurrect Dead Links

    Dead links can be a nightmare, especially with the age of the internet ever increasing, the possibility of websites disappearing, moving, expiring. Fortunately we have a few options when trying to get our links back. Google Cache Google keeps stuff around for a short while, a quick way is to...
  3. Duncan

    Forekast - Discover Events On The Internet's Calendar

    If you're looking to find what events are coming up in various categories, this website is a good way to keep track. With events posted by users, split into "subkasts", you can see what major events are coming your way. Events are crowdsourced, and you can add them to iCal or Google...
  4. Duncan

    KrebsOnSecurity Hit By Worlds Largest DDoS Attack

    Brian Krebs is definitely a guy you don't want to be right now. Brian Krebs is a guy who investigates and exposes cybercriminals. It looks like he's messed with the wrong crowd. This time, he went after a DDoS Hire Service, who targeted all their DDoS lasers at his website. The size of the...