1. Duncan

    Minor Update - Steam Account Linking & Stats

    A quick feature (re)added to the Duncs Forums. You can add your steam account via "Connected Accounts": Steam badges will show under names, and show steam stats on our dedicated area. You can also log...
  2. Duncan

    Expired Freebie Alert: BE QUICK! Dirt 3 Complete Edition Steam Key

    Get it now: DIRT 3 is free via the humble bundle, no purchase necessary. Ensure you link your steam account to humble bundle and you'll get this game for nothing:
  3. Duncan

    Steam vs Facebook Gameroom? Which Will You Play?

    Facebook has launched a platform called Facebook Gameroom (Previously Facebook Games Arcade), where you can download an app for your Windows Desktop. Some news outlets are touting this as a steam competitor, and while steam already has a large playerbase (over 125 million), facebook can...