1. Duncan

    📰 DuncsWeb Minecraft Server News, Announcements & Updates

    All the latest happenings on the DuncsWeb Minecraft Server. If something gets added, changed or removed, I'll post it here. You can also type /news In-Game to see what has changed. To discuss changes or make suggestions, make a new thread:
  2. Duncan

    DuncsWeb Minecraft Server

    TL;DR: IP is - It turns out we've gone all nostalgic in Discord, so we've opened a Minecraft Server for you all to play on. A lot of things will look familiar, and we've thrown in some new stuff for good measure. Big wave to those of you who have been redirected from...
  3. Duncan

    🎮 DuncsWeb Minecraft Server - Through the Years

    DuncsWeb Minecraft was first launched February 24th 2011 and closed in June 2014. The IP was It has had many revisions: Version 1: Whitelisted - Unbuilt City Download the world Version 2: Whitelisted - Player Shops at Spawn - First DuncsWeb Sign, Creative World...
  4. Duncan

    Tip mob3 Public Discord Server - PC & Game Chat

    In the old days we had an IRC Chat Room dedicated to computer talk. Now, a much more modern approach to this is Discord, which embeds text and voice chat in one nicely packaged server, complete with free mobile application support. As such, I have created a Discord Server for your chatting...
  5. Duncan

    Nostalrius Legacy WoW Server Revival: Elysium

    There's a lot of players who want to play in the nostalgia of the first generation of World of Warcraft, so much so that almost 275,000 people have signed a petition over at I happen to be one of them. Credits: By Source, Fair use...