1. Duncan

    📰 DuncsWeb Minecraft Server News, Announcements & Updates

    All the latest happenings on the DuncsWeb Minecraft Server. If something gets added, changed or removed, I'll post it here. You can also type /news In-Game to see what has changed. To discuss changes or make suggestions, make a new thread: https://duncsweb.com/boards/minecraft.126/post-thread
  2. Sonark

    ⛔ Minecraft Ban Appeal Format

    Although we hope that this thread will never have to be used, if you've been banned from the Minecraft server for any reason and wish to appeal then please use the follow format in a reply to this thread. Temporary bans will not be removed early and any bans that are permanent cannot be appealed.
  3. Duncan

    DuncsWeb Minecraft Server

    TL;DR: IP is mc.duncsweb.com - It turns out we've gone all nostalgic in Discord, so we've opened a Minecraft Server for you all to play on. A lot of things will look familiar, and we've thrown in some new stuff for good measure. Big wave to those of you who have been redirected from...
  4. Duncan

    🎮 DuncsWeb Minecraft Server - Through the Years

    DuncsWeb Minecraft was first launched February 24th 2011 and closed in June 2014. The IP was mc.duncsweb.com It has had many revisions: Version 1: Whitelisted - Unbuilt City Download the world Version 2: Whitelisted - Player Shops at Spawn - First DuncsWeb Sign, Creative World...