1. Duncan

    Genius Idea: Exploding Note 7 iPhone Skin

    With the complete discontinuation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but that's not going to stop the jokes coming in about its exploding device. Uniqfind have created an iPhone 7 Case that can look like an exploding Galaxy Note 7: I can imagine this will be a hot selling case. Yours for $24.99...
  2. Duncan

    The World's Ultimate Drop Test

    Popular YouTuber Techrax likes destroying expensive equipment in a variety of ways. It's a genius idea as it plays on the emotions of the average person who may be unable to obtain the stuff. Not long after telling everyone to drill holes in their new iPhones in order to get a 3.5mm headphone...
  3. Duncan

    Preowned iPhone 7 Plus (256GB) For... £1150?!

    In the UK, we have a bunch of preowned shops where you can buy electronics. One of them is CeX, which has games, consoles, smartwatches and phones. The iPhone 7 Plus is a hot commodity right now, but while I was in one of the stores on my lunch break, I noticed they were selling a preowned...