1. Duncan

    This Dongle Instantly Kills PCs.. And You Can Buy It

    The "USB Killer" has entered its second revision of hardware that is, according to it's creator "Dark Purple", designed to test USB Ports against Power Surges. The USB Killer operates by drawing power from the port until it reaches 240v, then dumps that power into the USB Data Lines. It will...
  2. Duncan

    Adding a Touch Bar To a Laptop - Good Idea or Gimmick?

    The rumours were true... Apple had an event last night where they predominantly highlighted new MacBook Pro's, as far as to say that "The MacBook Pro is better than the MacBook Air in every way". They spent a good deal of that event talking about a Touch Strip bar replacing the function keys...
  3. Duncan

    £5k/$6k Electrical Store TV Blunder: CCTV Footage

    A man has been filmed in an electrical store late September in St Austell, Cornwall UK, checking out some high-value televisions, including "a curved Samsung OLED and two Panasonics": Unfortunately, a TV takes a tumble, taking out the one behind it, where the man moves back, and takes out the...
  4. Duncan

    DRM on... Print Cartridges? HP Third Party Lockdown

    HP thinks you shouldn't use Third Party Cartridges in your printer anymore. Previously, it would show a warning if you used the cheaper alternative, but that's not enough anymore, HP is going to prevent the use completely by adding DRM to it's cartridges, wired reports. This will apply to...