1. Duncan

    🎮 What Game Do You Play The Most?

    For me, it's Rocket League, I've clocked 851 hours on it! What game do you play the most? If it's a steam game, you can find out on your profile under the games section.
  2. Duncan

    🕹️ 10 Casual Multiplayer Arcade Game Websites

    Browser games have long been a popular way for entertainment, with a bunch of sites offering "addictive flash games". However, most of these games have been single player only, with a leaderboard where you can submit your score. In recent years, a lot of sites have popped up with a ".io" domain...
  3. InsaneMatt

    💾 GameSave Manager

    Gamesave Manager is utility that can scan your hard drive for games and back up the saves, perfect for PC upgrades and formats. Features include: Back up GameSaves individually to files or to one GSBA archive Scheduled Backups 7-zip Integration for smaller gamesaves Symbolic Links for...
  4. Duncan

    📱 Memu Play

    Memu Play is an excellent Android Emulator with full Google Play support. By default, they provide a home launcher, but it is possible to download another. You can use the emulator to play games and run android applications. Features include: Running Android 5.1.1 Adjust screen resolution...
  5. Duncan

    What Games Consoles Do You Own?

    There are no stickied topics here so I thought I would make one, So what consoles do you own? I just have a PSP, I don't game on a TV as I don't have one (I watch all my programmes on demand) so I don't have a PS3 or XBOX. I got rid of all my older consoles. How about you?