1. Duncan

    Samsung Chromebook Pro Leaked... And It Has A Stylus?

    Samsung looks to be going all out with their Chromebook series, this time with the Chromebook Pro. They're expected to announce a laptop with a stylus with a sub $500 (£410) price-tag. Specifications include: 2GB Hexa-Core Processor (2 Cortex-A72 and 4 Cortex-A54 cores 32GB Onboard Storage...
  2. Duncan

    Android Apps on Google ChromeBooks - Now Will You Buy?

    Back in 2011 amongst the techy savvy community, Google ChromeBooks had the reputation of being a useless piece of kit. "Why would I buy a laptop that just has Chrome on it?" Google has been working hard over the years however to sway those opinions with its Chrome Web Store, and initial...