1. Duncan

    📱 Memu Play

    Memu Play is an excellent Android Emulator with full Google Play support. By default, they provide a home launcher, but it is possible to download another. You can use the emulator to play games and run android applications. Features include: Running Android 5.1.1 Adjust screen resolution...
  2. Duncan

    Windows 10 Desktop Store Apps - Do You Use Them?

    If you're one of the possibly 20.8% of desktop users running Windows 10, you'll know that the Operating System has a dedicated store. Microsoft has made a considerable push to unify the mobile, tablet and desktop by enabling the creating the "Universal Windows Platform" (UWP). But are users...
  3. Duncan

    What Are Some Free Windows 10 Apps Worth Downloading?

    The Windows 10 Store is the all-in-one version of a Mobile App Store for your PC. This is both good and bad, as while you can have a centralized area to get applications rather than potentially downloading untrusted applications from nefarious sites, you can also find some badly made non-desktop...