1. Duncan

    Apple's $300 Design Book Contains Products They Bought

    Apple is releasing a book, yes book, today containing 20 years of product design and as Jonny Ive puts it in his interview with Wallpaper "Very few words". The cost for this book? $200 for the small copy, $300 for the large copy. Of course you can expect some effort going into the quality...
  2. Duncan

    Apple 'hello again' October Press Event

    Let the speculation begin. Apple will be holding a press event on October 27th, with invites sent out with the title "hello again". Many are saying this is for a Macbook refresh, this time potentially with a touchscreen OLED Bar, which will replace the function keys at the top of the keyboard...
  3. Duncan

    Preowned iPhone 7 Plus (256GB) For... £1150?!

    In the UK, we have a bunch of preowned shops where you can buy electronics. One of them is CeX, which has games, consoles, smartwatches and phones. The iPhone 7 Plus is a hot commodity right now, but while I was in one of the stores on my lunch break, I noticed they were selling a preowned...
  4. Duncan

    Apple's iMessage For.... Android?

    iMessage has been an iPhone exclusive messaging system since its inception. If you have a friend with an iPhone and you run Android yourself, you'll need them to use one of the other messaging apps or just plain old SMS to get their message to you. iMessageForAll plans to change that, recently...
  5. Duncan

    Chris Ziegler Fired From The Verge For Secret Employment

    What's the best way to start a new job when you're currently in one? Write out a resignation letter, drop it onto your bosses desk (or hand it to him), work your contractual notice period out (1 week, 1 month, 3 months in some cases) and then say your goodbyes on your last day? Not when you're...