1. Duncan

    📱 Memu Play

    Memu Play is an excellent Android Emulator with full Google Play support. By default, they provide a home launcher, but it is possible to download another. You can use the emulator to play games and run android applications. Features include: Running Android 5.1.1 Adjust screen resolution...
  2. Duncan

    Try "Remix OS" Without Dual-Booting / VirtualBox

    RemixOS is an Operating System designed to bridge the gap between Android and Desktop. While there are many ways that this happen on a Windows PC, such as "Windroy" or "Bluestacks", RemixOS provides multitasking within the Operating System. As this is a complete OS, you would normally need to...
  3. Duncan

    Apple's iMessage For.... Android?

    iMessage has been an iPhone exclusive messaging system since its inception. If you have a friend with an iPhone and you run Android yourself, you'll need them to use one of the other messaging apps or just plain old SMS to get their message to you. iMessageForAll plans to change that, recently...
  4. Duncan

    Android Apps on Google ChromeBooks - Now Will You Buy?

    Back in 2011 amongst the techy savvy community, Google ChromeBooks had the reputation of being a useless piece of kit. "Why would I buy a laptop that just has Chrome on it?" Google has been working hard over the years however to sway those opinions with its Chrome Web Store, and initial...