1. Duncan

    Day 2 With The Echo Dot UK (2nd Gen) - A Nerfed US Version

    Now that the initial novelty of getting the Amazon Echo has worn off, I am beginning to see some shortfalls with the unit as I try to integrate it into everyday life. I'll start with the Good: The unit itself is very good for the price, the speakers are loud enough but will not blow you away...
  2. Duncan

    Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) UK First Impressions

    When I first saw the Amazon Echo, I thought it looked like a neat piece of kit, until I saw the price and the fact that it was unavailable in the UK without some special import wizardry. Fast-forward to October 2016 and Amazon releases the Echo and Echo Dot in the UK, complete with well...
  3. Duncan

    Twitch + Amazon = Ad Free "Twitch Prime"

    *Ding Dong* Special Delivery from Twitch. Amazon Prime members are now getting an even better deal with their subscriptions. Twitch has announced that all members will have the following perks: Free game loot every month Discounts on new-release box games Ad free viewing on Twitch Exclusive...