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    [email protected] Team

    just wait a couple of minutes then you should be starting a work unit
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    Favorite social networking site

    I use youtube,i used to use Facebook but i quit.I find no use in it.
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    How much RAM Are You Currently Using?

    I have 2 GB of RAM. The processes that were running are Winamp,Firefox,AVAST,GameTracker,Steam and ObjectDock My Operating System is Windows XP 64-bit
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    What Firefox Addons Are You Using?

    All-in one sidebar AVG Safe Search DownThemAll FlashBlock Tab Mix Plus Tiny Menu my theme is Vista Aero,I like the IE look
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    Your Computer Specs

    Make:Custom ftw Motherboard:ASUS P5PL2 Processor:Pentium D RAM:3GB of DDR2 Graphics Card:XFX 8600GT HDD:500GB Western Digital OS:Windows XP 64-bit Case:Antec Sonata Plus 550 Monitor:17.1" Samsung Syncmaster 740N
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    PC Screens GAHH

    check your monitor for anyways the buggers might have gotten in and maybe you can try to get them out from there.or do what henryjsaunders said and melt the little idiot
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    Favorite mp3 or mp4 player

    I only have a Crative zen Nano plus,but i don't use it too much my phone is what i use now
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    What do you do when you are bored??

    I Noob Pwns when i get bored,or go outside to play baseball or basketball
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    How do you get to school?

    Re: How to you get to school? I walk,my school is only a minute away
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    If a zombie attacked what would you do

    Well you said "ZOMBIE" not zombies,so i would grab my katana and fight
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    Which Company is Better? AMD or Intel?

    I'm an Intel Dude,but AMD is still awesome
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    Desktop Microphone or Headset?

    I've got both but my headset broke so i only have a desktop mic
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    OK Just Count And Try To Get To 100,000

    Re: ok just count and try to get 100000 two (English) duex (french) zwei (german) δύο (greek)
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    Guess who will post next

    Sweet,im the moderator! FALSE MY FRIEND 89o765?
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    YAY,I'm 30!!
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    Ban the person who posted last!

    Banned for having only 1 capital letter in your name
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    mob3 Counting Game

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    Non Stop Questions?

    why should i answer you?
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    Do you have any siblings?

    i have 1 little sister