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    (Question) - AT&T Motorola C168i Black

    Hello everybody , I'm getting this mobile phone in the mail sometime soon and I was wondering what website I could download themes from? So far every website that offers cellphone theme downloads don't have my phone as a selection. If anybody could help me out , that would be great. Thanks in...
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    Can't See Logos W/ Custom Fonts & Colors.FireFox.

    Hello everybody.. I have my Firefox background black with red text.. For some reason , when I goto Google or some other sites .. I can't see the website logos.. Is there anyway I could fix this? Thanks in advance. : ] Note: I have really bad OCD so this bothers me. :D
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    Print Out A Poster!

    Hello everybody , I found this great site ( That lets you make any image into a poster! ( Higher the resolution the less pixelated ) Its great but make sure before you print out a poster you have the right supplies to save time and make it look good as possible...
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    Replacing Windows XP with Ubuntu.

    Hello everybody.. Thanks to my little brother hes letting me install Linux (Ubuntu) on his computer.. I have a small question.. How would I completely replace Windows XP OS with the Linux (Ubuntu) OS? I'm getting my CD in the mail soon and I would like to know how to do this.. Thanks in...
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    Earthquake In California !

    Holy Christ ! I was just wondering if anybody felt that ? It was a 5.8 where I live. I've noticed everytime theres an earthquake I'm always on my computer.. Hahah :o  = Me
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    SNES !!

    Welcome to Nostalgia ! Post your favorite games for SNES. My favorite are - Super Mario Bros - Mortal Kombat - Street Fighter - Zelda
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    Xbox ( Not 360 )

    Anybody still rocking the old Xbox?? Well , I am! Hence the lack of money I have , and also I'm waiting to buy it at the beginning of next year because 1. Hardware will become more stable. 2. Cheaper. 3. The cool games now will be cheaper also. Besides that though , for you that have Xbox...
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    MS Paint Art Thread!

    Hello everybody ! Any bored MSPainters out there?? If so , post your art here! Heres my work so far , tell me what you think. Note : "K?" is my signature. K-Monster - K-Robot - K-Rasta -
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    Unreal Tournament ( 99' And 2004 )

    Unreal Tournament is one of my first online FPS games I've played and there still great to this day. I only have 99' and 2004 which are both great.. The newest one out "UT3" has great graphics but the game doesn't live up the hype ( others may disagree ). Both these games are extremely cheap ...
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    Free Games On ijji

    Hello everybody , this site has all free games but in order to play them you must register an account. So far I've played : -Gunz  ( Which is a third person based game including guns , gernades , and swords ) -Soldier Front ( First person shooter with much gear and guns...