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    Oil Painting Style Fire - Wallpaper

    cool like to see more ;D
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    Beijing olympics medal table

    USA all the way ;P
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    MMD3 v2.2a WINAMP Skin

    nice i will try it ;D
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    Time logged in?

    15 hours and 31 minutes
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    stick games

    plz in join this site:  ;D
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    I think we should be able to see who adds to are rep

    o thank for tell me jj u rock ;D
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    opening cmd at school

    open up notepad and type in this: start and save it as a .bat
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    I think we should be able to see who adds to are rep

    jjfan4824 great but what is karma plz leave a reply on my profile ;D lol
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    Getting Taskbar Back

    if u use KaneBT.Taskbar.and.Start.Menu.Remover.exe do the same thing you did to remover it that how i got mine back if the not the program you use for duncan video plz tell me and i will look in to it for you ;D
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    new funny video(s)

    ya i know lol ;D
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    darkfall new mmorpg

    great all
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    Favorite social networking site i pick lol
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    Donations - The mob3 Money Pot

    yes the money pot is at £20.25 let try to get it to £35 by the end of the moth ;D
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    World of Warcraft

    cool every1 ;D
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    new funny video(s)

    deling the first two sometime up to u all if they say if u want to keep them up plz let me know ;D
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    Donations - The mob3 Money Pot

    come on ppl put some money in the pot all it going to put to good for the site in 13 and i got a prepaid credit card and do it like me ;D 
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    A kid get told to gets off Xbox live

    lol it funny but it not lol
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    google fights

    Topic Locked Del on Friday!