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    Funny colored audio ports...

    What are all the -audio type- ports in the back of my computer for?? There is like six, I know what the green one does only, but what about orange, black,gray,blue, and pink ports for??
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    Favorite TV channel- For U.S. members

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    I saw a cool hack on youtube that uses IpodWizard to change the Background on your ipod...I tried it but it keeps restoring my ipod to an earlier software model and I dont have my songs/videos...i think it might be the firmware...if anyone has it me out...
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    Audacity- Free Ringtones

    I know you can use Audacity to edit your music...but I use it to make ringtones for my cell phone...its great...all you have to do is trim the part of a song you want as your ringtones,export it,and then Bluetooth it or Message it to your phone...I give Audacity a 10 out of 10 The link to...