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  1. samfty

    My Sigs I made

    what do u thing of my sigs I made.I am a  first time user of photoshop. If u want these as your sig just ask and i will add ur own text to them .
  2. samfty

    Christmas albums

    Does anyone here know any good Christmas albums because i am looking for some for this Christmas event we are having.
  3. samfty

    Do you Guys think this is fake

    do u think this email is fake hey guys Sorry to break the news, but looks like all of those warnings were real! The use of MSN and e-mail will cost money from Summer 2008 onwards. If you send this message to 18 different people from your list, your little MSN icon will turn blue and that will...
  4. samfty

    Tv ads

    who here at this forums likes ads or does not like them
  5. samfty

    mob3 dvd

    what would you guys say if i make a dvd with all of duncans vids. I would make a torrent and i will upload the first copy and then we can get other people downloading then youu guys will be able to get it fast. then all u guys have to do is burn it to dvd so what do u guys think
  6. samfty

    DO u like my fourm

    do u giuys like my forum
  7. samfty


    how do you get your sig to display on the forum
  8. samfty

    windows 7

    PDC build, 6780. There are a lot of large UI changes in this build as well as some new features. But who wants to read about it? Check out the source for all of the images. pictures of windows 7  build, 6780. here
  9. samfty

    can someone make mea banner

    can some one make me a banner saying samfty's tech website  can i have it black and the text white and it at 638x122
  10. samfty

    doctor who

    who in this forum watches doctor who it is a good show that is show in the UK and Australia not sure on any other places. but i really like the show but i only like the new series.
  11. samfty

    folding @ home

    hey guys what do you think og giving some off you possessor to help for a good cause i think we should make an mob3 folding @ home team so what do you guys think plz reply on what you think and Duncan would you be able to make the team thanks samfty
  12. samfty

    destop fences

    Destop fence is a program where you can put your desktop icons in groups ' the software is in beta stage and only people that get invitations get to test the software Some more info: Fences™ is a one-of-a-kind program, allowing you to draw labeled shaded areas on your desktop, which become...