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  1. fallenfoofighter

    About Flyakite

    Hi guys... Well I have a question for you. I am a bit sick of how my XP looks like. I'm a bit tired by the same black themes , Zune, Vista Inspirat 2,  and I need a change. Lately I've seen some XP been made into a OSX using a program called Flyakite ( ). I've...
  2. fallenfoofighter

    Opera help

    Hi , I was wondering , how can I change that stupid thing on Opera, every time I want to download a torrent file , Opera steps is and opens it. And I don't want that , I already have a torrent program . I don't wanna wait for Opera to download . Thank you
  3. fallenfoofighter

    New Yahoo messenger 9

      The final version of Yahoo messenger is out . The latest , number 9, has all those little things we were used with in the past ( games, calls , etc) but looks a lot beter. What do you think ?
  4. fallenfoofighter

    the best, uTorrent or Azureus ?

        I am wondering , which is better for downloading torrent files ... If this is a subject that i shouldn't ask .. forgive me
  5. fallenfoofighter

    What do you think about Avant Browser

    Hi all.. I was wondering . You all talk so good about Firefox , I'm a FF user too,  but the other days a friend of mine showed me Avant Browser, and how it looked , I really liked it. Now I was wondering, because it is build like IE , does Avant  Browser is more likely to have the same problems...