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    Old DW Folks: How has life been for you in the last 5-10 years?

    This is something that I would find interesting, some of the old folks in here have been gone for some time (I'm guilty) and we haven't heard from some of them. How has life been treating you? What good & bad stuff has happened to you? Since the DW stuff I finished my school course (Graphic...
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    🎖️ Round Up The Old Players

    I'm here, not dead lol! I don't really play any game anymore just Football Manager :-P, but would love to set up a scheduled discord date so that I could talk to some of the old folks
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    Where is everyone? (8+ years later)

    I'm still here, but just lurking in the darkness... :D
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    A Little About Myself...

    that's the truth though.. but would be cool to do something like it again! just for old time sake :P
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    A Little About Myself...

    We should totally make a MegaByteTv-like channel again!
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    the guru kidddd :P

    the guru kidddd :P
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    Looking rather normal on my new picture..

    Looking rather normal on my new picture..
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    Post Your Desktops Here (February 2015)!

    Running ol' Windows 7! -
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    Hows it going everyone?

    Hows it going everyone?
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    Introduction Time

    Nothing personal man, ask everything you wish! I mostly play instrumental, but sometimes have a singer (since I cannot sing ahah)
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    👴🏻 Round Up The Oldies Thread

    Mr Dan! Long time no see :D
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    Do You Buy Alot Of Games on Steam? Check this out

    So this is my latest video (from christmas day, I need to make one!) on a cool website I found that allows you to find the best Steam deals!
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    👴🏻 Round Up The Oldies Thread

    Agreed Adam! :)
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    Introduction Time

    aka the guy who has no life! haha Will do!
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    What Operating System Do You Run?

    Still going with Windows 7 :P
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    👴🏻 Round Up The Oldies Thread

    Im here, not dead :P
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    Introduction Time

    Why hello everyone! If you don't know who I am (which you probably don't), I'm Nuno Ledo but mostly known as Nunokaka85), I'm 18 years old and I come from Portugal! I've been involved in the community since the good ol' Mob3. I make videos on YouTube about technology, gaming, and other related...
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    I made this in GIMP after following Nunokaka's Tutorial.

    Very nice! What in tutorial did I show how to do that? I can't remember :P