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  1. nail181

    📸 Minecraft Pics/Screenshots/Andventures

    This is the only picture I have on this server with people in it lol
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  3. nail181

    Word Association Game

  4. nail181

    Word Association Game

  5. nail181

    What Came First?

  6. nail181

    What Really Annoys You?

    Headset wire getting caught in the chair wheel is suicide worthy.
  7. nail181

    Favourite Twitch Streamer!

    I watched tyler1 for a while.
  8. nail181

    Pop Mashups

    I personally like Pop danthology 2012. I believe it got removed though.
  9. nail181

    What's the worst fast food resturant?

    I just remember going to Arby's and throwing up right after.
  10. nail181

    Can you solve a Rubik's cube?

    I wish