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  1. _CameronL_

    What do you hate most about facebook?

    Straight facts my guy.
  2. _CameronL_

    Adblock Plus "Acceptable Ads"

    Hate when adblock blocks out the ads where it's telling that hot single mums want me just 3 meters away
  3. _CameronL_

    Confirmed Sir Christopher Lee passes away at the age of 93

    might be late af but rip :/
  4. _CameronL_

    Merry Christmas from DuncsWeb

    Merry Christmas and a happy new day
  5. _CameronL_

    What Really Annoys You?

    1. Lists 2. Irony 3. When people reply to threads that were made in 2013 4. When people get the date wrong
  6. _CameronL_

    What do you think about the U.S.A

    Trump is DUMMY THICC :P
  7. _CameronL_

    Anime or not?

    no weeb sh!t thanks bois lmao. p.s. no hate just don't like it lol
  8. _CameronL_

    Do you drink coffee for breakfast?

    Gotta do ti before an exam to have that good rush going
  9. _CameronL_

    The time when you injured yourself?

    gnarly stories here lol
  10. _CameronL_


  11. _CameronL_

    I'm back

    welcome back dad
  12. _CameronL_

    Anyone like WWE, or used to like WWF?

    too fake to enjoy lol
  13. _CameronL_

    What do you hate most about facebook?

    when people think we care about their relationship status lol And Zuccy boi
  14. _CameronL_

    Last thing eaten?

    Sunday dinner on a Tuesday
  15. _CameronL_

    What Games Do You Have Installed On Your Computer?

    f*** all cause i have 0 space on my computer lmao
  16. _CameronL_

    FREE Music for 7 days

    can't wait to listen to the spongebob theme song for 22,4 hours a day
  17. _CameronL_

    suggestions for rock music

    Despacito Rock Remix
  18. _CameronL_

    Favorite Dance Tune

    Mom's spaghetti
  19. _CameronL_

    My Style...

    I prefer despacito 4. Was confirmed by NASA