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    Windows XP or Vista or Mac

    I suggest you to get a Mac.
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    Black Or Silver

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    Windows xp tune/song

    I've listen to it before, it's really nice
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    Halo 3 or call of duty 4

    Call of Duty 4 8)
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    Webcam for Duncan!

    He should get this webcam! :P
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    Reverting back to XP...?

    Maybe you should... switch to XP?
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    Birdy! (wallpaper)

    Really nice, and cute! :P
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    Windows XP or Vista or Mac

    I know Macs are not for gaming, I like the performance of it.
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    Mouse Or Pen

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    Hypercam or Camstudio?

    CamStudio is a better screen recorder than HyperCam HyperCam always lags for me :(
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    Do you believe in God?

    I'm islamic, and I'm 100% sure that there is only one God.
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    Would you recommend mob3 to other people?

    I recommend it to everyone but they are just not interested :P
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    Moving mob3 to ""

    I like But would be great :D
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    The Iphone 3G

    iPhone is really good, my parents are going to get one soon :)
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    Kantaris Media Player

    Kantaris is my favourite media player! I like the look of it
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    what the...

    Yes, it's a theme. It's a Windowblinds theme not a visual style
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    Hackers break into Large Hadron Collider computer

    Hopefully it will not be the end of the world.
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    Do you spend more time on YouTube or Mob3?

    I go on mob3 more than YouTube.
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    Have you made the switch to Windows Vista?

    I switched to Vista because of it's Aero theme. It looks really nice :P