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    How to create your own software - SERIES

    hey man these are some really good videos. Thanks!
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    link doesn't work
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    About Viruses + My 10 Ways to Enhance Security.

    ya thanks man for all the information. i will defiantly look into that stuff. Thanks!!
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    Need a guide for making a website

    hey man check out its reallly helpful and it goes through CSS, HTML, XML, XHTML and has tons of references. check it out
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    Can you guys check this site?

    looks pretty cool but i only have vista. i will check it out when i get 7 though
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    Just too cool for words

    doesn't look as if there a is a point to it.....
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    Where can I start learning PHP?

    Ya try Its really helpful for that kind of stuff
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    Flash Drive Problems

    What does that mean exactly? Could you give me some steps or something?
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    Flash Drive Problems

    Hey i accidentally locked my flash drive up with a password and i need to know if there is a way to bypass the password or at least copy the information on the drive. The drive is a SanDisk micro 4.0 gb flash drive and when i plug it in i must either type the correct password or erase everything...