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  1. wwemike09

    Your Desktop Screenshots (Revised)

    Yea i will pm you a link to get it.
  2. wwemike09

    Your Desktop Screenshots (Revised)

    The Background is made by me its called Star Colliding
  3. wwemike09

    Towards the Earth Wallpaper

    I Created a Wallpaper and called it 'Towards the Earth' The Image is not in orginal size. Please Reply with your Comments. If you want it in 1680 1050 just pm me.
  4. wwemike09

    What do you guys think of this?

    Nice Graphic :)
  5. wwemike09

    Need a logo :)

    Heres a Version i made for the forum im not an expert on graphics but i tried my best. The Logo is transparent too. ------------------- Added a xbox 360 onto the logo
  6. wwemike09

    Website idea. What do you think?

    Thats not a bad idea. either way we win.
  7. wwemike09

    Request a Signature

    But for the MichaelTech Banner could you make the file gif please.
  8. wwemike09

    Request a Signature

    Thanks mate, The Signature you gave me is great.
  9. wwemike09

    Plain White T's

    My Favourite song for the the plain white ts is 'Are time now'
  10. wwemike09

    Request a Signature

    Can i request a Signature for Mob3 which has My Name Wwwemike09 and vista like background My name Bold in Silver with a outline of Black. Can i request a signature for my website. Put the name MichaelTech Blog In Golden Colour and the Background transparent please. Please could you do these...
  11. wwemike09

    Anyone Knows What Program This Is?

    Steam, Next time try to do a harder one.
  12. wwemike09

    What Kind of Cell Phone do you Have?

    I Have a Lg Cookie KP501, Which is a phone with tomorrows technology at a lower price than some other phones.
  13. wwemike09

    Which Office Do You Prefer

    I Prefer open office, mainly because its free.
  14. wwemike09

    Do You Enjoy The DuncsWeb Chatroom

    I Do enjoy the chatroom, it really helps me when im stuck on the computer.
  15. wwemike09

    Need a guide for making a website

    Yea Html please,
  16. wwemike09

    Need a guide for making a website

    Ive been having trouble with making a small personal website for the moment and ive got my hosting vista panel but i dont understand jomla cms program, So could someone give me a clear guide on how to make a website with free domain and everything free. thankyou, Regards wwemike
  17. wwemike09

    Whats the link to Stream gaming cient thing?

    I Cant remember the link,
  18. wwemike09

    What the hell is this steam?

    Yea Steam is a client
  19. wwemike09

    The ChatRoom

    Ok Reece it must of been a mis understanding but ive scanned my computer and nothings wrong,
  20. wwemike09

    Console war, a better aproach.

    They both have high quality gaming experience so it dont matter,