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    Awesome FPS! [ WoW ] [HD]!

    Someone can close this thread.
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    What Games Do You Have Installed On Your Computer?

    GTA VI CSS CS Flyff Batman Arkham Asylum Wolfenstein Street fighter 4 I will download, Resident Evil5 Need For Speed Shift
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    Windows 7 to Vista!

    I've had it enough with Windows 7 for now. I'm downloading Vista, and switching back, for these reasons. More stable, more games, more applications. Windows 7 is totally fail right now. The only thing that is good is, it's more faster, takes less ram, etc...? Oh well, I just got my new...
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    My speedtest.

    If you get your butt to Sweden, you will pay 25€ for 10 Mb/s which is quiet cheap. 100MB/s cost around 50-60€, so yea. :P
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    My speedtest.

    How do you mean? I can post another screen when I'm at the other place when I got the better connection,  right now I'm at moms place.
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    My speedtest.

    Recently it isn't that good, quiet good for my connection. ;)
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    I hv made the switch to windows 7! :)

    HP Touchsmart Tx2 AMD Turion X2 Ultra x64 4gb ram ATI Radeon 3200HD Is that enough? When i installed it i had 2gb or Ram,but it was slow so i upgraded to 4gb. Now my index score is 3.9 Not bad, doesn't beat mine thought. ;) I'll show the specs tomorrow. There are a few good things about Windows...
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    Our simple notepad!

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    Our simple notepad!

    Told you already, to teach you, how you can protect your own homepage. :P
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    Our simple notepad!

    Because it says "Hacking" it was on the start but we've turned into a security site instead.
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    Our simple notepad!

    Okay, my friend did a simple notepad, for our security homepage. It's a great notepad for making videos, without save, or any other things.
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    Best Freeware the speed is.. I don't have a word of it.
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    Lol. Yeah, yeah.
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    Should Hackers And Virus Writers Get Long Prison Sentences?

    Blah, only real hackers I'd say today there are thousands of skiddies, which means "they use another tool and hacks someone or defaces a homepage, and thinks, I'm a hacker, I pwn you." Those kids we can forget.
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    camtasia studio 6

    If anyone wonders.
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    desktop freezing while in idle state

    Make a system restore, or try to scan it with spyware doctor in safe mode, or malwarebytes.
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    Your net S***!

    Just wanted to show off my speed VS yours. ;) By the way.These pictures are like 2-3 weeks old, . Anyway post your speed.!
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    Afraid of cockroaches?

    Re: Afraid of C***roaches? Haha, I remember when I was in Greeze at the hotell, there was one under the fridge, I jumped on the bed and hided there for hours.
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    AVG + Avast fails.

    AVG has the most false result an AV can ever have.
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    AVG + Avast fails.

    Nope. I did, but now I'm using Norman, ( I know it sucks ) but it came with the laptop.