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    Hunch - Helping You To Make The Decision

    Hunch is a decision-making tool. built by its users. In ten questions or fewer, Hunch gives you its best hunch of what you would like. •Hunch•
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    World of Twitter - Mosaic Twitter Wallpapers

    World of Twitter is a series of mosaic tile wallpaper created with thousands of Twitter avatars as background and Twitter logo as foreground. These mosaic artworks are generated with Mac’s MacOSaiX and further refined with Photoshop and resize to fit as wallpapers. Twitter Logo 1024x768 •...
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    Question: Sony Cybershot T700

    *Please move this post if this is not the right place* So, I was browsing on YouTube and watch the Sony Cybershot T700 review and someone comment on the video saying that... "Touch screen takes up more battery which means you can take less pictures and sometimes has less quality over all you...
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    Malaysian Idol (Michael Jackson)

    This guy is funny  :laugh:
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    YouTube Realtime Toolbar

    Is there any way to permanently remove the Realtime Toolbar on YouTube?? I know to hide it but then tomorrow when I open YouTube the bar is still there!! It so annoying me and it's laggy sometimes when I scroll down on my profile.
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    Here is an excellent utility for Windows XP users. "TaskbarEx" provides lots of useful features for XP users which are worth to use. "TaskbarEx" allows you to: 7 •Move taskbar buttons •Re-arrange taskbar buttons like Windows 7 •Detach taskbar buttons onto the Desktop •Show taskbar thumbnails...
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    Cover Browser

    In Cover Browser you can view covers of comic, books and more! :)
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    Which brand that you like?

    Vote your choice and tell us why you like it  :)
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    Funzu - You can find funny pictures and videos. Some of the pictures                                are cool  ;)
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    Funny Baby Laugh

    This baby has a great laugh, a great evil laugh.
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    Coffee Cup Drummer

    The army is teaching all sorts of things these days.
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    Cool Hand Shadows

    Guys, check this out. This is really awesome.;)
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    Mozilla Firefox 3.7 Mockup Theme

    Make you Firefox looks like Firefox 3.7 Mockup Theme
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    Do not highlight newly installed programs

    To Stop Windows from Highlighting newly installed programs on the Start Menu, 1. Right-click on the taskbar and click on Properties 2. Select the Start Menu tab and click on Customize 3. Click on the Advanced tab and uncheck Highlight newly installed programs then press OK, and OK again.
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    Vista or 7?

    I'm just thinking that I need a new PC/Laptop next 1-2 month. But I don't know which OS I should use. Vista or 7. Maybe I just get Vista and when 7 is released, I'll will change from Vista to 7. OR Maybe I just should wait until 7 is release. Which one you guys think is the best?☺