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    Anyone else going to be 'playing' Miitomo?
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    I have a problem...

    ...A Steam Emoticon buying problem. - On the top row all the ones up to 'TM' from the left are default Steam ones, as are all the ones on bottom row except two on left. Everything else is a bought or unlocked emoticon. :(
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    August Desktop Screenshot Thread

    Time for moar screenshots! I'll start: - Yep, I have ordered myself a OnePlus One last night and am hyped for it :smile: WALL: LINK THEME: Default win7 aero theme with no colour and all transparency. Still using Fences... EDIT: Forgot infos...
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    July Desktop Screenshot Thread

    I'll start: - Back to the 'basics': Wallpaper Theme: Default Win7 Aero Fences to hide icons.
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    Anyone remember this video?

    *feels evil* *runs* *hides*
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    SALE Steam SteamOS Sale Some aren't on discount though, probably because they're just starting to become available for SteamOS (I guess). Some pre-order games on there too (Don't pre-order games, people).
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    Twitch Plays Pokemon starting again.

    Since it's 1 year after the Twitch phenomenon started, the streamer has started the original game that the TPP community played (red/blue). I know opinions of TPP were divided between love, hate and 'meh', but it's interesting to see it start again. Link:
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    Still getting email flooded with duncsweb emails

    My email is still getting loads of duncsweb emails ('someone replied to a watched thread') even though I turned off the email option in preferences (see below). Any ideas how to stop them? -
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    What Web Browser do you use?

    Myself, I use Firefox.
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    When it rains it...

    In this game, you use the above Pplayers' ending at the start of yours. Example: Player 1: when it rains, it snows rice putting Player 2: when it snows rice putting, i eat it. Player 3: when i eat it, it explodes inside of me. And so on. The start: When it rains, it hails.
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    The Banning Game

    In this game, you have to pretend to 'ban' the user above you for some funny made up reason. Example: User 2: User 1 gets banned for too many capital letters. User 3: User 2 gets banned for being grammar police. Etc etc. Game starts... now!
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    Yum or yuck!

    In this game, you have to say whether the last post is yum or yuck! so formatting is like this: Yum/Yuck New item for next person. I'll start: Chocolate Cake
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    Type your username with your nose!

    Here's my try: ideominaqteu Darn it!
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    Corsair Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review

    I recently got both a K95 RGB and M65 RGB by Corsair Gaming, and thought I'd review them, as well as the software here. Keyboard The Corsair K95 RGB is a keyboard meant for MOBA/MMO players due to the 18 'G' keys (for macros), but I have had a few uses for the macro keys outside MMOs/MOBAs...
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    Cool Music Site

    Hi folks,  I have asked a friend on another forum if I can help promote his son-in-law's site.  He agreed and this is his post telling us about the site.  BUT, PLEASE NOTE:  I THINK the site is UK ONLY.  So sorry for if you aren't from the UK.  :) "This is a plug for a web site which our son in...
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    I have another Xbox 360 Question LOL

    Hey, the question is: I have some old pictures on my harddrive (360, not comp!) that I don't want anymore.  I also made them into themes and Idk how to get rid of them.  Any ideas?? Thanks...
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    Internet question!

    Hey ppl...  I have a question to ask about the Internet.  OK...  My Dad, when he bought 2 Apple Macs for his work also bought VMWare Fusion for WinXP.  It came with a free 1 year subscription to McAffee (sp?) Anti Virus thingy.  (he had AVG 8.0 Free Edition before, but he uninstalled it).  Only...
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    Xbox 360 and HDMI question.

    Our new TV (fullHD) is arriving today, and I have a 360.  I bought an HDMI Cable yesterday so I could play in High Def.  But when I came to test out the cable last night (to see if it fit etc), it appeared that the SCART lead (where the switch between HD and Normal is) didn't fit in as well as...
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    Is there a P2P Networking client for mac? *NOT FOR ILLEGAL*

    Hi, my Dad's work is switching to a mac.  He wants to know if there is a P2P Networking client so that he can share files over the network (to do with work).  I know Limewire was originally going to be used for this purpose, but people hijacked it and use it for illegal now.  (I am not sure if...
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    Questions about Ubuntu - it keeps freezing on me.

    I have a computer (that used to run XP) and I overwrote it with Ubuntu.  The situation is:  I open a window (e.g. themes - under appearance).  The computer then freezes on me.  Well, the cursor moves but nothing else is clickable. I have to turn it off by pressing and holding the power button...