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    Word Association Game

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    February Desktop Thread

    That time again. Here is my Mac Desktop: - I'll get my Windows Desktop uploaded at a later time.
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    What Was The First Computer You Ever Used?

    I may or may not had broke the PC by constantly hitting it with my bare hands because it kept crashing.
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    did everyone just stop coming on?

    I'm still around just been a bit busy.
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    Off-Topic Pub - What's New With You?

    Waiting for good food to come from a takeaway :D
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    "What Do You Want For Christmas?"

    Already have what I want :D Fallout 4, Rise of The Tomb Raider, getting Just Cause 3 when its out, Got Anno 2205. So yeah I'm pretty set, there's not much I want for Xmas to be honest.
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    Web Design Advice

    Wordpress isn't bad, but for a simple website its way too much. WordPress only really works if you want to constantly update a website.
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    Need help with GTA SA

    If you have a PS4 controller you can use that.
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    Off-Topic Pub - What's New With You?

    Nice, where do you work?
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    October Desktop Thread

    If you upload it to something like imgur and then use the "image" button at the top when writing a post you can insert it properly.
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    Eating, Exercise, Rest, Tech - How do you keep healthy?

    I don't what keeping healthy means. Just joking, but seriously my body seems to be able to take a lot of punishment. I should have had high cholesterol at the very least. Good a blood test last year and had low cholesterol, I was like WTF
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    Off-Topic Pub - What's New With You?

    Got a mac the other day and its not too bad. 13 inch Mac Book air.
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    October Desktop Thread

    Well its time of the month again time to get posting our desktops. Here is my Mac Book Air desktop. - Here is my Windows Desktop -
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    are you worried

    O_O I wasn't aware it was a thing in the UK.
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    Will VR / AR be a gimmick?

    Yep that's why at the moment it won't be anything more than a gimmick.
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    No it was worse.
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    E3 was once again a pile of rubbish. The only decent thing there was Fallout 4 and Doom 4 IMO.Doom Snap map looks very interesting. It brings back memories of Timesplitters. Nintendo's conference .......................... .... made me want to hurt someone.....
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    are you worried

    Doubt it will, while its unheard of in the UK (YET) its pathetic that someone would call in a fake report. All it takes is for a cop to have an itchy trigger finger and someone gets hurt or even worse killed. It might not have happened in the UK yet, but there's nothing to stop anyone from...
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    Will VR / AR be a gimmick?

    It seems to me that things like the occulus rift will be nothing more than a gimmick. Lets look at the PS VR. It costs around the same price as the PS4 console and as it stands its a big ivestment for something that might not even take off and thus we'll have a lack of content for it...
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    What's Stopping You Buying A Smartwatch?

    Smart Watches to me seem good but at the moment they're not really all that great and don't appear to offer anything that a phone can't plus you need a phone to use a smart watch so having a smartwatch is essentially useless.