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  1. wwemike09

    Towards the Earth Wallpaper

    I Created a Wallpaper and called it 'Towards the Earth' The Image is not in orginal size. Please Reply with your Comments. If you want it in 1680 1050 just pm me.
  2. wwemike09

    Need a guide for making a website

    Ive been having trouble with making a small personal website for the moment and ive got my hosting vista panel but i dont understand jomla cms program, So could someone give me a clear guide on how to make a website with free domain and everything free. thankyou, Regards wwemike
  3. wwemike09

    Whats the link to Stream gaming cient thing?

    I Cant remember the link,
  4. wwemike09

    The ChatRoom

    At round 11:30pm 10th of october i logged onto Duncsweb chatroom with X-Chat I looked at the topic and saw the topic had changed to apples? I asked reece 'Topic: Apples' He told me the chatroom might of been hacked. And then X-chat stop responding and i couldnt do much so i shut down my...