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    Opera users who like status update social network sites

    Hey people been awhile since my last post :( but today i came across an article about Opera and how to simultaneously update most major social networking sites, these include Twitter, facebook and myspace amongst a few. I'm going to link it but if any of you crazy beans want me to copy it all...
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    how do i install custom themes in Kubuntu?

    i've tried the kcontrol - Appearance & Themes - Theme Manager - Install New Theme button, and my theme is on the desktop but dosnt show up it's a downloaded theme from, i'm a kubuntu nOOb so bare with me, any suggestions?
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    Opera 9.6 is here!!

    Just letting you lot know as i'm probs the only link to the opera world lol, some info i ripped for you guys Today we launched Opera 9.6 which enhances the performance and flexibility of features many of you already have come to know and love, such as Speed Dial, session restore and mouse...
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    can you help me?

    does anyone remember these things, i remember them as a youngster but i don't know what there called or where there from? any ideas? btw there the blue little things
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    Opera 9.6 beta 1 released

    just letting you lot know, although I'm quite sure you all use FF3 lol, check it out though its an amazing browser as it is, i ripped this info from the site letting you people know whats new and improved :) Opera Link in the Opera Web browser saves the day... and your settings! Move from your...
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    whats your anti-spyware/malware/etc

    after trying a few, including ad-aware 2008, spybot and windows defender i have decided to stick with malwarebytes a good programme it picked up all my problems and sorted them i now run Avast, windows defender(because it has live protection and is a defo on the trust part) and...
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    Windows 95 in virtual box

    i'm having trouble installing windows 95 on virtualbox, it says bootable median not found, i have followed duncans video to specialchannel but to no help can anyone have ago at trying to get windows 95 to work in virtualbox cheers
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    Flash video intro

    can someone or Duncan make a video on how you make a intro video (for like youtube vids) like Duncan made on his moblephone2004 youtube account he made it for the compitition for his intro video i really want a video intro like that one ;D
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    Tribal Wars The only game i've continued to play everyday for almost a year now, just sign up and play its a little confusing at the start but there are alot of experienced players who will help you out or send you to the rim lol