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    AVG + Avast fails.

    I've had no problems at all with avast, i got rid of Mcafee for it after it failed to detect a virus and I've used it on all my computers since
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    whats your anti-spyware/malware/etc

    Anyone install that zone alarm pro they were giving away? what do you think of it if you did?
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    Opera users who like status update social network sites

    Hey people been awhile since my last post :( but today i came across an article about Opera and how to simultaneously update most major social networking sites, these include Twitter, facebook and myspace amongst a few. I'm going to link it but if any of you crazy beans want me to copy it all...
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    Opera 9.62

    nice, i tried chrome out the other day just for giggles, it was ok, but not as fast as opera i found. i'm sticking with opera for a long time :)
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    Opera 9.62

    it was upgraded, glad to see your still using it my opera buddy
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    Music Playback Software

    Winamp ;D
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    2000! Posts

    Congrats man
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    Thank You MOB3

    Agreed, an Epic dp is what it is (Y)
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    Thank You MOB3

    oh klkl, well its quality, and unlucky about the comp trouble, hope it gets sorted out soon man btw, i to am an essex lad :) i'm from Witham
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    Forum Milestones

    this is quality, no stopping us now, next stop the WORLD!!! mwahahahahahahahhaaha
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    Would You Like To See A Complete Forum Change?

    nowt wrong with this, stay as it is  ;D
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    Thank You MOB3

    where did you find it? and whats up with your comp?
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    Give me your honest opinion.

    truely a great song mate, had it my head all week, proper epic tune
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    Thank You MOB3

    LOL it's been beaten many-a-time, even Duncan has speed tests to prove it on one of his videos
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    Thank You MOB3

    man i am digging the DP, nice one  ;D did you make it?
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    Opera 9.6 is here!!

    i was using Firefox on a mac yesterday, im not sure if it was FF3 or not but i couldnt get tabs i had to open a new window each time ??? even my uncle was like yh firefox blows on a mac, does firefox blow on macs more than on a pc? not saying it blows on a pc or anything  :P
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    Opera 9.6 is here!!

    most of the add-ons you would want are built in, just go on to find out about them and how to use them, although you can have widgets that make it easier to do certain things, they run when the browsers open and act like any other widget you may know
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    Fuse Your Name With The Person Above You

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    Thank You MOB3

    i'd like to thank you, if i'd not converted you to the world of Opera i'd still be on my own here so thank you, fellow Opera user, now i have someone i can banter with over firefox...... i mean someone to discuss the workings of Opera to  :P
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    Should i delete my account

    I'm liking the new age cockney you used :) I'm from Essex so it's like my 2ND language ;D