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  1. Adrian

    How to Install Ubuntu 9.04 without burning the ISO file to a CD?

    Hi guys... Recently downloaded an ISo file of Ubuntu 9.04 x86 from Ubuntu site. I wondered, if I just mount the ISO file and select Install inside Windows, can I successfully install Ubuntu 9.04? Thanks again  :)
  2. Adrian

    Offering 3 Months Free for Avira Antivir Premium Security Suite!

    Hey.... before start reading I would like to tell you guys that this is legal! From the Avira website itself! Hey there! Still sticking with Avira Antivir Personal free edition? Wanted to try out Premium Security Suite for 3 months of valid license worth for free? Then this post is for you...
  3. Adrian

    Increase Connection Speed using Broadband Connection.... [Windows XP]

    Recently I applied a broadband internet which using wireless with the following conditions: Connection: 3G Network Speed: 3.6 MBps When I download stuff, like application / music / video etc, during early morning( about 4-5 AM ), IDM reported the speed : 40 KBps+ (possible until 50 KBps) ...
  4. Adrian

    Software Acer Empowering Technology download?

    Hi all... I bought a laptop with Vista Home Basic preinstalled. Later, I don;t quite like that OS because of that SP2 installed into it and I formatted my computer. I installed a copy of Windows XP Home Edition into my computer and installed all the drivers. But I lack one -- Acer Empowering...
  5. Adrian

    4 GB Pendrive as RAM?

    Recently I found a YouTube video that sounded : Make your pendrive as RAM! I don't quite believe it as where got such things? Can you all tell me whether is this possible to do so... ?