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    A small suggestion

    OK.. So the new theme is cool, simple and awesome. One thing i would like to be changed is that the blue Christmas decoration in the logo is a bit cutted out. I'm not sure if that is because of my resolution or it's for everyone.   Another thing is to make a forum suggestions topic in general...
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    Machinaruim :: Rewiev

    MACHINARIUM Sometimes a small game crawls higher to our hearth more than any shooter or an RPG. Sometimes someone makes something different that suprises us in a good way. That kind of a game is Machinarium. Firstly i would say a few words about the creator, Amanita Design, they did about eight...
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    Your geek 'work'

    I was wodering how and what do you guys chekc when you get on your computer. E. g. email twitter... Here is my list: -Email -Google Reader -Twitter -Facebook -Mob3 -YouTube (i first watch my subscribtions and then i check my videos) -iTunes podcasts -Some news portals, gaming and tech news.
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    Looking for a game

    So I can't remember a name of a specific game. The gameplay is you play with mini cars (more like toys not RCs) in levels like the lichen and the roof. Some scenes i remember from the game: You play in the kitchen and in the sing there is a sponge that you have to travel on to get on the other...
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    Windows 7 screen resolution problem

    So recently i installled Windows 7 on my laptop that has a 17'' wide display (1440x900). I noticed the resolution was strange so i went to screen resolution and noticed that there is no 1440x900... I believe the biggest was 1024x700. I tried updating my drivers and it did not work.
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    Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)

    Sorry for the tatally random topic. ;D I'm not sure if you ever heard of this. It's a common syndrome with people who use computer much... You migt whant to see these simptoms if you think that something is strange with your wrist ;D If you have one of those be sure to check this and this
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    Warsow :: Original online FPS

    So Warsow is a cartoon graphics quake-type shooter with jupming of walls, bunny hopping and stuff. Anyways the game is really easy to get used to very fun and soo fast... So grab a nice mouse a pack of rad bull and you are ready. Gameplay Trailer: (it's not THAT fast is it is in the trailer ;D...
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has released!

    Yep!  ;D I'm so excited about it... I'm downloading it right now. So what are your toughs? Have you already got it? I personally think it somehow topped Moder Warfare. It's so improved and refreshing. Awesome!!!
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    Have 2 Audio devices on at the same time

    So i was wonderring. I have two of those green speaker inputs (I'm basically a hardware noob so sorry for my bad expressions). So i was wondering if I could plug the both devices in and use it at the same time? Like when i turn the speakers on it plays and when I turn it off it switches to my...
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    You and n00bs ;D

    OK; imagine this scenario: A guy is working on his PC and all of the sudden the computer restarts. And who does he call? You! He assumes that you can fix the problem because you are a geek. I just wanted to know what would you do? Would you help him ignore him or laugh at him? ;D
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    "Newer gonna let you go and troll me!"

    I made some versions of it:* Cuted song: ((WAW, 2.45 MB)) Download: gonna let you troll unedited.wav Edited version:** ((WAW, 5.89 MB)) Download: iPhone ringtone:***...
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    Logo of the day! Logo of the day is basicly a site where few logos are picked and You can vote for your top and that's the logo of the day. It's a great source of inspiriation for all of you digital artists out there. Thanks to Tommy for following them (that's how i heard of it). Sorry for...
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    As simple as that - whats in your bookmarks? Mine: Yahoo! Tech         DuncsWeb Mibbit chat         Paint.NET forum         Paint.NET tutorials         Image upload I don't have much bookmarks.                
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    A code for website needed

    The title may confuze you but i'll explain it... So i need a code (e.g. HTML)  for this kind of thing: In this type: Email Address: Question or Problem: Operating system: And it should mail me to [email protected] I'm willing to advertise if someone helps...
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    I reached 400 posts!

        ;D Technicly i still haven't reached 400 but i'm few posts away. The reason i did not wait for 500 is because 4 is my lucky number. ;D So thanks to everyone and i hope i will keep posting!
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    Google SketchUp 7

    Did you ever wanted to create 3D models? ((The buildings in Google Earth or some games)) Well even if you didn't it's fun and easy with this piece of software. It offers a really easy-to-use 3D modelling of everything and sharing the at the 3D warehouse or placing the into Google Earth. To see...
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    What do you think of the member above you?

    As the title says it's simple. Post what you think of the guy above you. E.g.: Very smart guy. Has respect to all members of this forum, and he will always help you out if you are having some trouble. [Claps for Duncan!!!]
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    iPhone discussion

    Post anything about iPhones here! Cool apps, accessories, cases and news! [There was no topic about iPhone generally.]
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    ISP networks

    Here are some  ::) Mine is T-Com Croatia AKA MaxADSL. ;D
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    Speed test results

    ThaPwnZ0r gave me this idea  ;D So post your speed test results here. Mine:         <= This is because i'm currently in my room with the door closed and the modem is in my living room.