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    Question for Duncan about Mob3 and

    Is there any chance you can merge the MegaByte TV Forums (If it is still up my internet can't connect to the site for some reason) because i really like this forum I still remember the day I joined the forums it was like 2 weeks after the forum was made I think..... So is there a chance you can...
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    Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000

    I got this mouse for Christmas.  I think it's really great!  It's a wireless mouse it does use "BlueTrack Technology"  that means it can be using virtually anywhere.  I think this mouse is great.  It only has to use 1 Battery so if one dies early it'll still work and you won't notice a...
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    Review: Money

    Money is great it comes in all kinds What I like best about it is I can buy things with it Some people are rich! that means they have alot of money (Spoiled brats -.- lol jk) My Ratings 10/10 Things that can be better: If all the money could come to this forum and give us alot of money
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    I want to host something but don't want people to know my IP

    Is there anyway to host a server such as a Counter Strike Source dedicated server without sharing my IP I was thinking about a VPS but they are not free sadly I don't want to give out my IP because of hackers and stuff
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    Does PayPal support these sites?

    NOTE: I didn't know where to post this :( Topic: Does paypal take:
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    Rewards1 - The best freebie site :O

    I know i posted it in the cool sites section but then i saw the expotv so i got confused :( So anyway Right now i really just want 12 points if ppl chip in i can make that. I want 12 points to buy a new tv cause mine is broken and i dont have enouph money to afford one (13 yrs old) So please...
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    Rewards1 - What?!?!?! Another free prize site? dang i must be cheap

    Yes i know i am cheap. But right now im trying to get 12 points and thats all i ask So please sign up :) They say there the best freebie site. But who knows When i get my 12 points i will inform everyone that it works :)
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    If I were to get an iPod

    If I were to get an iPod what should i get? I don't need anything to flashy or something like that I just want something that has good storage cheapish.  Plays video and music and some photos :) iTouch (Meh idk rather get 32gb if i really wanted one) iPod Classic (Seems a bit perfect) iPod...
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    Is a Intel Core 2 Quad a 32 Bit or 64 Bit Processor?

    Is a Intel Core 2 Quad a 32 Bit or 64 Bit Processor? Cause im thinking about upgrading to that if i get enouph money if it's 64 bit I might just get a Intel Core 2 Duo or is that 64 bit to :S EDIT: After a little research i need to buy a new motherboard :S i might end up buying a GIGABYTE...
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    Windows 7 Likes to screw me over

    I wanted to Dual boot XP and 7 (BETA THE VERY FIRST RELEASE) so i put in my serial key and I tryed to activate it, it says Upgrade to new version im like Nty So i ignored it but then it would do a annoying pop up saying your in a counterfeit im like SHUT UP! and it wouldnt let me install my...
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    Your CPU-Z Specs/Hardware

    Post your CPU-Z scores or whatever there called Intel Pentium 4 Windows XP Professional SP3 (Build 2600) CPU Arch : 1 CPU - 1 Cores - 2 Threads CPU PSN : Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.60GHz CPU EXT : MMX SSE SSE2 CPUID : F.2.9 / Extended : F.2 CPU Cache : L1 : 12 / 8 KB - L2 : 512 KB Core ...
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    Got My CAST OFF!!!

    Woot i got my cast off yesterday o.o but i cant play football or ride my bike or anything like that for about 2 weeks? end of september who knows. How i broke: Fell down the stairs i know clumsy me What i broke: My right arm
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    Any recommended Steam Games :D

    Im looking to buy a few games on Steam cause All The Counter Strike games Team Fortress 2 Half Life 2: DM Left 4 Dead Half Life Half Life 2 Isnt good enouph for me 8) Lol
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    Do you get IP Banned or Acct Banned on Steam

    Dang i ask so many questions. (Ima noob) On to the question I was wondering on steam such as playing CS:S you get VAC banned, do you get IP banned or your acct just get banned. Or all of the accts u havev get banned. Sry im a noob :p just curious on recent FPS games i get banned....:( and i...
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    swagbucks search & win

    Swagbucks is a prize giving site. All you have to do is Sign up and search and maybe get a few to Sign up under your link. Trust me it works. :) Here's something that is more in depth There is a sign up you can sign up there if u want o.o...
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    hey i was using always on top maker on media player classic like a while ago while lvlin up on Runescape (keep comments to self) so anyway then bout week later i watch movie i dont want alwaysontop so i open program and do the hotkey command CTRL+ALT+T and it does nothing i put a window and...
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    Windows 7 installation

    Ok im trying to dual boot and i made a new partition and i booted from the disk i went in BIOS and changed first to CDROM and second to Hard Drive. so then i saved it, it restarts and it booted and it went through windows logo thing.  And then i click install now and custom.  And i use the...
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    Windows 7 RC Release Moved To May 5th

    A page over at Microsoft Partners has been updated to show that Windows 7 RC will be publically released on May 5, and should be available for MSDN and Technet subscribers now. However, clicking through the download link will only get you the beta, right now. This would seem to jive with an...
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    Dual boot ubuntu! :D This is one question i just have to ask. So sorry. Ok Back on topic At 7:31 there it has 5 choices is there a way to change it only to, 2 choices instead of 5 Cause i really dont like wubi as much so i want to dual boot it...
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    Try to type in claws

    Rule is you need to wear claws and type this sentence You need 3 on "I am a mob3 user and mob3 pwns all" to make a claw type in "Make paper claw" then you should see TRY: i am a mob3 user and mob3 pwns all and no backspacers So yeah have fun