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  1. Duncan

    DuncsWeb Into 2021

    It's pretty crazy to think that it's almost been a decade since our Minecraft Server and community was first opened, and even crazier to think that the community initially started forming around 2008-2009, and undertook several identities and even a several year break before returning to what we...
  2. Duncan

    Tiger King on Netflix

    Has anyone seen this Series? I binged this series in a night, and I don't think I've ever been so baffled, yet intrigued, at a TV Series. Really good watch!
  3. Duncan

    Minecraft Vote Links

    We're returning Vote Links back to the Minecraft Server. Get 250g per vote link and help support the server. Vote Link #1 Vote Link #2 Vote Link #3 Vote Link #4 While you're here, how about checking out the Minecraft Section of our Forums? Come chat with us and become one of our Top Posters...
  4. Duncan

    DuncsWeb ARK Server - DuncsARK

    TL;DR: IP is or download the attachment to connect instantly via steam. For those unaware, we have a Server for ARK: Survival Evolved. ARK is a survival game with material gathering and crafting is involved, but dinosaurs are thrown into the mix. What's more is that you can...
  5. Duncan

    Dark Mode

    Slight throwback for the Forum, continuing the tribute to almost a decade ago. Some styling taken from the older version when we were on Enjin. To go back to the old, click the theme on the bottom left.
  6. Duncan

    Minor Update - Steam Account Linking & Stats

    A quick feature (re)added to the Duncs Forums. You can add your steam account via "Connected Accounts": Steam badges will show under names, and show steam stats on our dedicated area. You can also log...
  7. Duncan

    What Games Are You Playing Right Now?

    Adding to our "right now" threads. For me it's The Witcher 3, WoW Classic, Rocket League, and MC What games are in your rotation?
  8. Duncan

    🎮 What Game Do You Play The Most?

    For me, it's Rocket League, I've clocked 851 hours on it! What game do you play the most? If it's a steam game, you can find out on your profile under the games section.
  9. Duncan

    📰 DuncsWeb Minecraft Server News, Announcements & Updates

    All the latest happenings on the DuncsWeb Minecraft Server. If something gets added, changed or removed, I'll post it here. You can also type /news In-Game to see what has changed. To discuss changes or make suggestions, make a new thread:
  10. Duncan

    What Texture Pack / Shaders are you using?

    Curious as I browse for some good ones. Currently on Faithful x64 and SEUS renewed. What you rocking? Screenshots get bonus cookies.
  11. Duncan

    🌍 Daily Driver Chrome Extensions

    Duncan submitted a new freebie: 🌍 Daily Driver Chrome Extensions - Extend the functionality of your Web Browser with these recommended addons! Check it out, Review or leave comments below
  12. Duncan

    💖 How to Sync Your Forum/Discord Rank with DuncsWeb Minecraft

    For all who are still playing Minecraft and want a coloured name on the server, we are rewarding those who participate on the website. You need: To be signed up with To be on Discord To be on Minecraft Server: Steps as follows: Once registered here, feel free...
  13. Duncan

    DuncsWeb Minecraft Server

    TL;DR: IP is - It turns out we've gone all nostalgic in Discord, so we've opened a Minecraft Server for you all to play on. A lot of things will look familiar, and we've thrown in some new stuff for good measure. Big wave to those of you who have been redirected from...
  14. Duncan

    🛠️ 6 Ways To Free Up Space on Your SSD Drive

    Duncan submitted a new freebie: 🛠️ 6 Ways To Free Up Space on Your SSD Drive - Many of us have low capacity SSDs for our Operating System. What to do when it's full? Check it out, Review or leave comments below
  15. Duncan

    📺 New YouTube Partner Requirements - Your Thoughts?

    As of February 20th YouTube has yanked the partnership program from a bunch of small channels. Requirements now to be a Partner: 10,000 Lifetime Views 1,000 Subscribers 4,000 Watched Hours in the Past 12 Months Although I don't monetize my videos, and I have had large breaks between them...
  16. Duncan

    🗂️ SortItOut

    Duncan submitted a new freebie: 🗂️ SortItOut - Organise a folder full of "STUFF" into folders of your choice Check it out, Review or leave comments below
  17. Duncan

    🕹️ 10 Casual Multiplayer Arcade Game Websites

    Duncan submitted a new freebie: 🕹️ 10 Casual Multiplayer Arcade Game Websites - Jump straight into the action, just visit the site in your browser and play. Check it out, Review or leave comments below
  18. Duncan

    ⌨️ Windows Keyboard Shortcut Guide

    Duncan submitted a new freebie: ⌨️ Windows Keyboard Shortcut Guide - Navigate around your PC faster with these handy shortcuts Check it out, Review or leave comments below
  19. Duncan

    🏃🏻‍♂️ Windows Run Box Shortcuts Guide

    Duncan submitted a new freebie: 🏃🏻‍♂️ Windows Run Box Shortcuts Guide - Windows has built in Search, but these can get you to specific places quickly. Check it out, Review or leave comments below
  20. Duncan

    🗳️ How to Post a Poll

    This area is for Polls only, any threads without a Poll will be moved to the relevant section. To Post, make a thread as normal but don't click "Post Thread" Just yet. Scroll down and click Post a Poll: Enter your entries and click Post thread: Done!