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  1. Dan Valverde

    5 Must-have macOS Menubar Apps 2016

    You'll often find your mouse pointer heading up to the familiar macOS menubar. Call it the control centre of your Mac. Improve the usability of the menubar by adding these handy, must-have apps. 1. Spectacle - Quick & simple window management app with highly customisable keyboard shortcuts...
  2. Dan Valverde

    Owned phone scammer turns nasty

    Some of the comments the scammer comes out with once rumbled are truly shocking.
  3. Dan Valverde

    PlayStation Now

    "PlayStation Now (PS Now) is a cloud gaming service developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The platform allows users to pay for access to a selection of original PlayStation 3 titles on either a per-game basis or via a subscription, with rumors of offering PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and...
  4. Dan Valverde

    Coupon 35% Off A £25 Spend @ (National)

    This code is working until March 1st - BTXWPNHN nationally. Handy if you fancy a cheeky pizza :pizza:
  5. Dan Valverde

    Room 101

    For those of you who are not familiar with the format of the game/radio/TV show, Room 101 is about choosing three of your most frustrating pet hates in life and stating your case as to why they should be included in Room 101 (an imaginary oblivion). To make it work for the forum, the next...
  6. Dan Valverde

    Does Anybody Still Use Empire Avenue?

    "Empire Avenue is a stock market simulation social network game that allows users to buy and sell shares of people and websites." Is this something you still use or are interested in? It's great for trying to boost your presence on social media. You can find me on Empire Avenue here...
  7. Dan Valverde

    What Was The First Computer You Ever Used?

    Post below your memories of the first machines you ever got your hands on. These experiences turned a lot of us into what we are today. Strictly speaking, my first interaction with a computer was the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) - - But, my first real PC experience was on this bad boy...
  8. Dan Valverde

    Share your PSN / Xbox Live Usernames

    This is a place to share your online PSN profile name and/or Xbox Live gamertag to add new friends. Please remember that you are sharing these usernames publicly. Feel free to use the format below: PSN - JohnSmith Xbox Live - JohnSmith Here's mine: PSN - danofmayz
  9. Dan Valverde

    What Console shall I buy?

    Got all the the way to the shop yesterday to buy a PS4 and, after about 20mins of staring at the games, I ended up walking away with nothing. Other than Watch Dogs, which I can buy for PS3, I really wasn't bowled over by most of the games. Obviously, there's Call of Duty, GTAV etc. It made me...
  10. Dan Valverde

    Favourite Entertainment Artwork

    I love looking at any artwork that comes out of the entertainment industry. I feel it has become the new mass public art as so many of us remember these pieces attached to moments in our lives. It can be: Album artwork like - VHS/DVD/Blu-ray/Movie Poster artwork like -...
  11. Dan Valverde

    Weird Food

    - I once had a friend who liked to dip her McDonald's fries in her milkshake. Post your favourite strange food combinations below. It can be as weird as the above or simply an unusual food that you like to enjoy. Here's mine - Grape and Cucumber smoothie.
  12. Dan Valverde

    Easy way to get started on the stock market.

    This is an app called BUX that I'm impressed with. Practice real investments with funBUX until you feel ready to move up to using real money or seriousBUX.
  13. Dan Valverde

    TrackMania Nations Forever Nostalgia.

    I remember staying up late and playing this one with a few members of the community. What a great game!
  14. Dan Valverde

    Well this is all exciting!

    Hello all. I'm Dan, formally known around here as danofmayz. I started back in '09 writing for the original tech blog (first ever post - and producing screencasts at, the now retired, danofmayz YouTube channel...