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  1. Dan Valverde

    🎖️ Round Up The Old Players

    danofmayz here.
  2. Dan Valverde

    5 Must-have macOS Menubar Apps 2016

    You'll often find your mouse pointer heading up to the familiar macOS menubar. Call it the control centre of your Mac. Improve the usability of the menubar by adding these handy, must-have apps. 1. Spectacle - Quick & simple window management app with highly customisable keyboard shortcuts...
  3. Dan Valverde

    Preowned iPhone 7 Plus (256GB) For... £1150?!

    Yeah, CeX seem to price items on the heavy side if it has an Apple logo on it. Otherwise, I like it.
  4. Dan Valverde

    Owned phone scammer turns nasty

    Some of the comments the scammer comes out with once rumbled are truly shocking.
  5. Dan Valverde

    Would You Like To Live on Mars?

    Going to Mars is absolutely imperative to the survival of the human race. I just think Musk is a bit of a hyper-optimist. We are certainly on the cusp of it all though. I think you have to commercialise it first. Get people working in space and all this will come together a lot quicker and more...
  6. Dan Valverde

    Which 80's Song Do you Prefer?

    Buggles all the way :grin:
  7. Dan Valverde

    Free Wifi Everywhere In The World - Google Station

    Big thumbs up for this!
  8. Dan Valverde

    PlayStation Now

    Oh god. Let the seizures commence!
  9. Dan Valverde

    PlayStation Now

    Was that Between the Eyes?
  10. Dan Valverde

    What Games Consoles Do You Own?

    Mega Drive PS2 / PS3 / PS4 Wii ("Hombrewed" for classic roms) iPad iPhone 6
  11. Dan Valverde

    Should YouTube Be Moderated By Its Users?

    As YouTube grows exponentially, I see no other way to police these interactions. So, overall opinion will count over a single "hero's"?
  12. Dan Valverde

    PlayStation Now

    Yes, sorry was referring to the PS1/2 games that are rumoured to be on their way. Ha, I wouldn't mind seeing Super Bub or Pandoras Box making an appearance... *desperately trying not to turn this into a Net Yaroze thread* lol I thought starting with PS3 games made a good statement about how...
  13. Dan Valverde

    PlayStation Now

    "PlayStation Now (PS Now) is a cloud gaming service developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The platform allows users to pay for access to a selection of original PlayStation 3 titles on either a per-game basis or via a subscription, with rumors of offering PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and...
  14. Dan Valverde

    What Time Do You Sleep?

    Pretty regimented - Bed by 11pm and always up at 6am on the dot.
  15. Dan Valverde

    👋 Introduce Yourself

    What-ho! Name: Dan Interested In: Writing, Music, Tech, MMA/Pro Wrestling, Vintage Horror Films/Comics, Gardens, all things Retro. Joined For: It's like family! About Me: Trying to make a few quid being creative.
  16. Dan Valverde

    mob3 - Bringing Sexy Back - 60,000+ Forum Posts Revived

    Ha the legendary "Stuff" folder FTW! Oh god yeah, some great posts came out of the blog. Do you remember the amount of potential contributors we vetted back in the day? It was very popular. Will be good to revive some of this old content.
  17. Dan Valverde

    Oldies from Mob3 where are you all now?

    Wow, where does the time go? It's good to here you're both working in tech still. I also left the YouTube grind as being original was always a priority for me. It got very congested in the "tech guru" scene and quantity definitely quashed quality. This all coincided with having a child. Noah...
  18. Dan Valverde

    mob3 - Bringing Sexy Back - 60,000+ Forum Posts Revived

    Illage, you have gained "2"! How is thou?
  19. Dan Valverde

    mob3 - Bringing Sexy Back - 60,000+ Forum Posts Revived

    This is exciting Duncan. Where it all began. Had no idea you kept it all. Hope you are well. Let's make this as busy as it once was.
  20. Dan Valverde

    Is it getting cold?

    Is it getting cold?