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    New Sig

    I get bored of my sigs quickly so like to change them now and then. What you guys think?
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    Something new/different

    Have not made anything in a while so was playing around on PS and ended up with this.  Bit different from my usual style (besides the fact that it's still to do with Arsenal). I think that the colours don't go very well together myself. Your thoughs...?
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    My View On Mob3's Downfall

    Ok so we all know that Mob3 has gone a little down the drain recently and just thought I would share my thoughts on why this is so. I personally think that the main problem is that Duncan isn't making video's any more (besides a few on MBTV). When Duncan was making videos on Mobilephone2003...
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    Duncan...The New Noel Gallagher?

    For those who have been following Duncan for some time will know he done a video a while back about an alternative program for SingStar. Well towards the end of it he did say he will have a CD out soon, and well here it is. Enjoy! :D
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    The 3 Orbs

    Haven't made anything in a while so was experimenting with PS and came up with this.
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    SMF Help

    Ok, does anyone know how to add a page to SMF.  For example on this site, Duncan has got a custom home page, arcade, blog, etc...
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    Reply to Keith & BBC

    Keith listen I understand fully where you are coming from.  BBC must be going through a really rough time in his life at the moment but I think all we was trying to get at is that he might want to keep certain information just in his family and close friends.  BBC or any other member on this...
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    New Sig

    So what do you guys think???
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    Administration Tools

    Hi guys, I recently tried to open "computer management" under Administator tools and got an error and then get the same error when i try to open any of the administatoin tools. I am running XP SP3 and yes I am an admin Cheers, GoonerGod
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    Visual Styles Not Wroking After SP3

    Hi Guys, I just installed the XP SP3 after an automatic update and after it restarted i can no longer use custome themes.  I have re-installed XPize darkside and still dont work and i have used the patch and still dosent work.  Any ideas??? Cheers, GoonerGod
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    XP Backup

    Hi guys, Am thinking of upgrading from XP to Vista but don't want to loose any of my documents or programs so was just wondering if the complete windows backup in system tools will restore the computer back to XP? Cheers in advanced, GoonerGod
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    Dual Boot: XP & Vista

    Hi Guys, I am currently dual-booting XP and Vista but when i restart on either of the operating systems the computer restarts and loads the BIOS screen but then just goes blank and does not display the boot option screen where you choose what operating system to boot.  Any ideas why? Thanks in...
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    FruityLoops Tutorials

    Hi guys does anyone know of a website that has good tutorials on Fruity Loops for complete novices like myself. Cheers, GoonerGod
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    Non-Football Pic!

    Ok i'v finally done a pic not to do with football!
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    New Quick Pic

    Just trying out some features in Ps.
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    Memory Optimiser?

    Hi all, does anyone here know of a good RAM optimiser that works with windows vista. Cheers, GoonerGod
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    Giving Back To Mob3

    Ok guys, I have just had a genius idea, in fact an Albert Einstein idea.  When i was in the bath, I was just thinking about the amount of members that Mob3 has but yet how the Mob3 money pot only has 50 quid in it.  And then it hit me, I ran out the bath screaming EUREKA! (not really) but if...
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    Undo Vista Transformation Pack

    I recently installed the vista transformation pack but now no longer want it so i have unistalled it but it as left the folders, icons and a few other things as the vista ones, i have done a system rystore but it is still the same.  Is there any way to get it back to the normall xp files? EDIT...
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    Grapihcs Card Compatibility

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if this graphics card; would fit into a HP Compaq dc7600 CMT.  If you need to know what motherboard the dc7600 has init there is one here...
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    2nd Wallpaper

    More experimenting with PS.  For all Arsenal fans. EDIT: Changed font