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  1. computerboardkid


    Its has been a very ong time since i posted on this forum. I used to be addicted to this place back in 2008-2010 until i was banned by Duncan ;) Not sure if any one remembers me but i sure do remember a load of the guys i have seen pos in the past! Would love to hear from some of you :)
  2. computerboardkid

    Need a logo :)

    Hey guys, its been a while since i posted on here (coz i was banned) want to ask you guys if you could possibly crate me a logo for my forum. the forum is and it needs a new logo as you can probably tell :/ would like this new logo to be the same colour scheme as the forum...
  3. computerboardkid

    edit pictures

    any 1 remember the site where you could add Christmas effects to your pictures. you could add stuff like hats and crap. u remember? if u do can u post a link bellow
  4. computerboardkid

    need a logo.

    Hey guys. I am starting a new file sharing site and i need a good logo for it. if some one could make me on i would be very grateful. I would like the logo to just have a transparent BG  and to say "AShare" i will leave the rest to you ;)
  5. computerboardkid

    ExpoTV! best way to make money online!

    If you want to make some money online but u think all websites that claim to give you free money are scams then you need to check out ExpTV ExpoTV give u $5 for every video review they accept, all u need to do is make the review longer than 1min, show your face and the product and you also need...
  6. computerboardkid

    PS3 Firmware 3.0 !!
  7. computerboardkid

    Free Emoji keyboard on iPod/iPhone!

    This is going to be a short post, so lets get on with it! If you want the Emoji application from the app store but you don’t think it is worth paying for then keep reading! All you have to do is download one application from the app store (its a free app), that application you need to download...
  8. computerboardkid

    Some things i made in photoshop CS3

    i was bored and started messing around on photoshop CS3 and i made a few things :) let me know what u think, Wathchmen blood splater. YouTube web 2.0 style logo. iTunes like pic (made this for my twitter and PC user pic)
  9. computerboardkid

    taking a break !

    Hey guys, Just wanted to let u know that i am going to be taking a break from the forum for a few months as there is verry little activity and i need to sort alot of personal things out. I will not be deleting my account  so i will be back in the near future but for now its goodbye. CBK  :)
  10. computerboardkid

    £15/$15 iTunes card give away !!!

    Watch the video bellow for your change 2 win a £15/$15 iTunes gift card ! LINKS Twitter: My site Here i what you need to tweet! @Cboardkid is giving away a £15/$15 iTunes gift card. Retweet this...
  11. computerboardkid

    banner/icon request

    I just wanted o ask if some one can make me a banner/icon for my site. the size must be 150x100 pixels, i would like the colour scheme 2 be black (background) white and green (writing an everything else) and i want it to look verry tech'ish if u know what i mean and i would like it 2 say -...
  12. computerboardkid

    Logo request

    Hey guys. can some one make my friend a logo please? Could you please make it say PowerIRC and make it look really tech like if you know what i mean :) Thanks in advance
  13. computerboardkid

    My birthday !!!

    Its my 17Th birthday :D i can finally start taking driving lessons :D only reason i am making a topic about it is coz I'm bored LOL
  14. computerboardkid

    Active members

    i am making this poll because i want to see how many members we have that are still active. so vote "yes i am active" an then we will be able to see how many members still come to the forum !!!
  15. computerboardkid

    apple mouse for sale !!!!

    any one want to buy this mouse off me? that is the UK price but if you want me to ship it to the USA then it will cost you $21 for the item and that includes the shiping. if you want to buy it and your from the USA please send me the money via paypal, my paypal email...
  16. computerboardkid

    Vebdex forums - helping you make money online !!!

    i found thsi really cool forum and it is all based on sites that you find on the internet aimed at making you money online. Vebdex was made so you can discuss sites that make you money and you can also find new sites that other members have made money on, there is also a section of sites that...
  17. computerboardkid

    Make money on twitter !!!

    if you have always wanted to make some freeeasy money online then this is the best way to do it. sign up at fill in all details that it asks you for and your done :) what they will do is post a advertisment in yout twitter name and you will earn cash for it :) they...
  18. computerboardkid

    iPhone 3G CountDown :)

    here is the number of days remaining untill i get my 16Gb iPhone 3G :) 58 Days Cant wait :)
  19. computerboardkid

    can some 1 make me a animated GIF ?

    can some one please make me and animated GIF? i want it to say exactlly the same as this pic but each word on a seperate image [if you know what i mean] - and i would also like the text to look the same as in the pic the font i want to be...
  20. computerboardkid

    [Video] Osama bin laden - numa numa