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  1. computerboardkid

    Feels like home!

    Feels like home!
  2. computerboardkid


    Nor i can i to be honest dude :) I'm glad to be back and would love to see this forum bustling like it used to be back in 08/09 when i would be on here religiously :P Thinking back over the last 5-7 years my life has changed big time. I hope life has been kind to you and everyone else i used...
  3. computerboardkid


    Its has been a very ong time since i posted on this forum. I used to be addicted to this place back in 2008-2010 until i was banned by Duncan ;) Not sure if any one remembers me but i sure do remember a load of the guys i have seen pos in the past! Would love to hear from some of you :)
  4. computerboardkid

    Need a logo :)

    That is great :D Thank you verry much :)
  5. computerboardkid

    Hello ! Again

    Welcome back :) Thanks for the banner/logo you made me today :)
  6. computerboardkid

    Need a logo :)

    Hey guys, its been a while since i posted on here (coz i was banned) want to ask you guys if you could possibly crate me a logo for my forum. the forum is and it needs a new logo as you can probably tell :/ would like this new logo to be the same colour scheme as the forum...
  7. computerboardkid

    edit pictures

    any 1 remember the site where you could add Christmas effects to your pictures. you could add stuff like hats and crap. u remember? if u do can u post a link bellow
  8. computerboardkid

    You and n00bs ;D

    i would help him, im not one to wathch some ones pc screw up and do nothing about it. i like yo help people as much as i can with thier computer needs.
  9. computerboardkid

    Google Wave?

    if i had a invite i would send you on but they dont give invited members invites :/
  10. computerboardkid

    capture card

    a Dazzle!
  11. computerboardkid

    Youtube taking HD and HQ away from UK and europe.

    i still get the HD and HQ option. y would they take that away from users?
  12. computerboardkid

    What do you think?

    i agree :) the 2nd one looks like it is based on a game called world of goo ;)
  13. computerboardkid

    My New Ipod Touch / Iphone Blog! - Tap Apps

    Reece, would you like to be a writer on my blog? you can have your own section for app reviews and stuff. let me know if you want to write for me ;)
  14. computerboardkid

    Making easy money online

    VvcomphelpvV has made over $2000 from that site.
  15. computerboardkid

    Get Free Rewards

    people are leaving comment about it being a ref link and acting like ref links are like hell. they are the people who dont like to see people get free thing from them. they are sad people! whats wrong with helping some one out? i will remember all of you next time you post a link and want us to...
  16. computerboardkid

    need a logo.

    i like them all :P will have to ask people 2 select one :D yes i will :) the site wont be done for a number of weeks so i will keep u posted :) Thanks for the gr8 logos guys :D
  17. computerboardkid


    FPS every day of the week!
  18. computerboardkid

    need a logo.

    Hey guys. I am starting a new file sharing site and i need a good logo for it. if some one could make me on i would be very grateful. I would like the logo to just have a transparent BG  and to say "AShare" i will leave the rest to you ;)
  19. computerboardkid

    please recommend me a online web designer for my website

    and? i have a wordpress blog it can do everything a normal website can do! it has all the feature your site has and more.