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    🎖️ Round Up The Old Players

    Wish I'd known this was back sooner :openmouth: 1556053802 Count this as me checking in :smile:
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    Microsoft to deliver Windows 10 updates using peer-to-peer technology

    Sounds like a good idea. Anything that improves speed for updating can't be that bad.
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    What's Stopping You Buying A Smartwatch?

    Battery life and price. I'd rather put the money to a better phone.
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    World of Warcraft Gamer Dies After Playing 19 Hours Straight

    Didnt he get hungry after 19 hours?
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    👋 Introduce Yourself

    Exceeded. Thankyou for bringing this website back and breathing new life into it.
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    Pebble Releases New Colour Smartwatch "Pebble Time"

    I'd be interested in this. I mean an epaper display is tempting as I'm assuming that's the same as the eink display on the kindles which I like as it reduces eye strain which means it's a screen I can look at for hours without needing to take a break. However I can see the Apple Watch being more...
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    Change One Letter Game

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    Curved Displays - Do You Want One?

    I'd like a curved tv as it would give a nice viewing experience. However I'm not sure how much I'd get out of a curved monitor. I mean if I had 2 curved monitors on a desk I think it would look a bit odd and is a curved monitor worth the money?
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    Best Console Game of All Time?

    Completely agree with you in saying star wars battlefront 2. I used to spend days and days just playing that over and over again. However my favourite console game has to be one of the original Playstation crash bandicoot games such as Crash Bandicoot: Warped and Crash Team Racing and Crash...
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    👋 Introduce Yourself

    First Name: Matt From: Nottingham, UK Interests: Computers, Casual Gaming, Watersports, other stuff I can't think on the spot. Joined for: Well I stumbled upon all this and saw it was a nice tech centric forum again so I thought these people used to be awesome they probably still are, ok I'll...
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    Still getting email flooded with duncsweb emails

    Has this been turned off altogether now as I haven't been getting almost any emails even though the threads I'm watching have had a lot of new posts.
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    Change One Letter Game

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    What do you hate most about facebook?

    Problem with Facebook for me is the commercialisation of it all. Just there is so many adverts sponsored posts. When I first started using it Facebook was more focused on the actual users rather than pages, and the adverts were kept to a minimum on the side bar. Whereas now when I go on...
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    Removing the Credit System (In Favour of Trophies)

    Wow that's a lot of reasons. I'm sad to see it go, but not sad if it didn't really do much.
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    Youtube Bans Brand Sponsored Videos

    You see if YouTube was an independent website and not a part of a huge multinational corporation I'd be totally ok with them stopping sponsored videos which the money doesn't go through them. An independent site would need to make as much profit as they can from their number one product. Whereas...
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    Three Word Story Game

    giant rubber duck