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    How Long Would Your Itunes Run For If You Left It Playing From Start to Finish?

    I have over 800 albums and loads of single songs, altogether i have 10419 songs. Also this is my 100th post  ;D
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    Needed a graphic designer

    Hi, very very good logo, thanks ever so much, i have just sent you a personal message. Thanks.
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    Needed a graphic designer

    Thanks so much for that its a great design... the website is not complete yet, i need to get all content on it and get it ready before i start advertising. Do you have msn?
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    Needed a graphic designer

    cool i really like your work, do you have msn or skype?
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    Needed a graphic designer

    Hi is have open up a website called I am looking for someone who can make a logo for the website saying psp-hacks, PSP-HACKS or If intrested please post back here or email me the logos on [email protected] Thanks.
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    Now available for work

    hi could you please make a logo and banner for my new site its up to you if you want to put or just psp-hacks i dont mind. Thanks.
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    prison break is the best!
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    Sweden VS UK nightclubs Must see!!!!!

    ha ha ha!!! thnk for that
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    Should i delete my account

    i think that you should
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    Life with capped internet

    talk to your service provider
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    What do you think would happen if the internet disapeared

    that would never happen
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    Do you drink coffee for breakfast?

    i hate coffe!!!
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    How Would You Like 1TB of Free Storage Space?

    Mediafire is very good, and so is rapidshare and megaupload
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    Skype 4.0 Beta!

    skype rules!!!
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    Man 'killed family at fire house'

    very sad :(
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    Duncan do a tutorial on Bittorent setup

    Re: Duncan do I tutorial on Bittorent setup bitcomet is the best torrent downloading client!!!
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    Adobe Fireworks CS3 Tutorial: How to create really cool text

    i will be making loads more fireworks and photoshop cs3 tutorials soon. Once made i will post theme here as i am creating a new youtube account.
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    How to create a fake virus shutdown computer in Windows XP

    Anyone done any good pranks with this?